Stories about Condos

The Agenda, May 15-21: Who can afford ‘affordable’ housing?

SF's radical income inequality ought to be a factor in discussing "middle class" housing

The mayor’s latest housing plan won’t work

HOME SF is great for developers, but not for the rest of us

Scott Wiener’s housing straw man

The senator misses the point -- and the facts -- when he attacks people who don't think the private market will solve our woes

Another painful eviction as artists leave longtime home

Bernal Heights building where people have lived for years suddenly becomes a hazard that has to be demolished for condos

Safai-Breed housing bill: A $60 million giveaway

Plan to build "middle-class" housing would mean huge profits for developers, new study shows

Most SF residents who get evicted earn less than $50K a year

Data presented to supes shows that people who lose their homes through no fault of their own won't qualify for "middle-class" affordable housing

The Agenda, April 10-16: How much affordable housing should developers pay for?

The plan to allow developers to pay less for affordable housing in the Divisadero Street Corridor is back at the Board of Supes Land...

The real facts about the affordable housing debate

A pile of misinformation skews debate about how much below-market housing developers should have to provide

The shape of the housing battle to come

Safai, Breed pit middle class against lower-income people

The Agenda, March 13-19: The next big housing battle

Safai and Breed offer a developer giveaway packaged as "middle-class" housing. Kim and Peskin have an alternative.