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Friday, April 12, 2024

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Tagged with: death row

Death Row inmate who may be exonerated talks about his story

Kevin Cooper was three hours away from execution. Now he may be freed. He talks about racism, criminal justice, and his nearly 30-year fight to prove his innocence.

DA Boudin: ‘We don’t see jail or prison as the only or basic response to crime’

An exclusive interview with the district attorney after a year in what has been an immensely challenging job.

Screen Grabs: New year, death row

January is generally considered a dumping ground for unloved movies, squeezed in to fill any space remaining by Christmas and awards-bait major releases still...

Memories of the Ulcer Department

People who’ve watched a couple seasons of Orange Is the New Black sometimes think they have a savvy understanding of what it’s really like...

Screen Grabs: Lessons from the dictatorship mark ‘The Silence of Others’

SCREEN GRABS This week brings the arrival of John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum, the latest entry in what’s been one of the few action-oriented franchises worth...

Good for Gavin: Is this the end of the death penalty?

Good for Gavin. Seriously: I have had a lot of issues with the gov, but he's done something really important. The new governor has started...

Mayor Breed’s brother should be released from prison

Jerry Brown is poised to leave office with 740 people on death row and 130,000 others in state prisons, 70 percent of them Black...