Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: Fires

PUFF: How I got my high back

After months of isolation, it may be time to adjust your habits—with flower by Lolo, prerolls from Jack Herer, and some Kwik Ease

The privilege of breathing

How can you shelter in place when you have no shelter?

Supreme Court upholds Prop. C in major victory for SF homeless advocates

Ruling shows that the odious Prop. 13, which devastated schools and local government, is starting to crumble.

[UPDATED] A Burning Man sound camp responds about Ocean Beach party that drew 100s

BAAAHS says masks were distributed and social distancing enforced—but why didn't someone just turn off the music?

The air is bad all over the city. It’s way worse in Bayview Hunters Point

Although unhealthy air quality canceled the car parade to City Hall to Mayor Breed’s office, a small but devoted group of 30 Bayview Hunters Point residents and protestors gathered...

Trump’s desperate, last-ditch effort to hike tensions with Iran

During the past month, Iran has suffered a half-dozen explosions and fires at military and civilian sites. A bomb blew up near the Parchin missile base outside Tehran, Iran’s...

Which side of the ‘house divided’ are you on?

This morning I made the dire mistake of reading twitter comments on a San Francisco Chronicle report of protesters at SF Mayor London Breed's house. The tenor was "These...

Will COVID kill capitalism?

“I have a Case of Toilet Paper, I’ll bring it over tomorrow,” said Reena, a now-unemployed accountant from Alameda. “I have a box of organic vitamins,” said Mr. Johns, an...

City College board fires chancellor

The City College Board put Chancellor Mark Rocha on administrative leave today, the first step toward what will almost certainly be a full dismissal Thursday/26. According to the agenda released...

Bayview Hunters Point tests its air

Although no rain fell in San Francisco in February for the first time since 1878, Dalila Adofo and Anthony Khalil of Greenaction have another element in mind: air. Joined...