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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Tagged with: Foreclosure

Legendary Oakland martial arts club—and its founder—face eviction

Casco's Martial Arts may be forced to close, and Sensei Owens and his wife forced into homelessness.

Supes to vote on public bank plan

Plus: Exposing the ongoing PG&E scandal, and a hearing on rent relief -- that's The Agenda for June 13-20

Facebook’s housing echo chamber

Zuckerberg money funds news outlets that repeat Zuckerberg group's supply-side position on the housing crisis.

How do we think about 2020?

And have we learned any lessons that will make for a better 2021?

Two opportunities to address Black housing inequities

Midtown in SF and Golden Gate Village in Marin could become models for Black self-determination.

Newsom, Chiu agree on bill that could lead to widespread evictions

Assemblymember David Chiu has reached a compromise with Gov. Gavin Newsom and the big landlord groups on a relatively limited bill to protect renters...

Moms 4 Housing spurs right-to-purchase law in Oakland

Homeless moms who garnered national support after taking over a home in West Oakland have spurred legislation to protect Oakland tenants through a first...

Oakland moms make national statement with housing victory

In a huge victory that may change the way Oakland (and other cities) looks at vacant housing, homeless mothers who took over an empty...

Moms4Housing stand up to eviction

UPDATE: The Sheriff's Office forcibly evicted the Moms this morning. https://twitter.com/LeftSentThis/status/1217138736560930817 Dominique Walker issued the following statement: “We’ve heard from people all over the world who are...

Supes refuse to allow building owners to profit from evicting senior

The Board of Supes sent a clear message today that people who evict seniors shouldn’t get a lucrative permit to turn former apartments into...