Stories about Foreclosure

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The story Ahsha Safai doesn’t tell in his campaign for supervisor

He's a real-estate speculator, house flipper, and gets almost half of his money from the real-estate industry -- so why is he getting progressive support?

San Francisco residents demand resources to address housing crisis

'Let's get in and march up there and tell the budget committee what we want done.'

The problem with Zuckerberg/Wells Fargo Hospital

Are we rewarding companies that do questionably ethical research and kick people out of their homes? Some workers think so

Another foreclosure in Bayview puts the focus on Fannie Mae

What is a federal housing-finance agency doing selling mortgages to Wall Street, when that means more foreclosures?

Bayview pastor faces eviction as community fights back

The foreclosure crisis continues as religious leader tries to save his home in Bayview

Duboce Triangle evictor responds to our story

Of human rights, fair play, and housing The man who is in charge of evicting a long-term tenant in Duboce Triangle got back to me...