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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Tagged with: Genocide

Artists alter, deface their own work at YBCA to protest Gaza silence and decry censorship

'Love Letter to Gaza' action calls out institution for not speaking up and allegedly muzzling artists.

Theatrical spectacularist Taylor Mac: ‘The solution to straight pain is queer joy’

The gonzo performance artist's 'Bark of Millions' is an ecstatic four-hour, 55-song reverse-conversion therapy session.

COVID safety is a progressive responsibility

Government, media, institutions no longer work to protect us; we need to keep raising our voices and taking action.

Screen Grabs: Savage, hallucinatory ‘Settlers’ confronts colonizer violence

Plus: Tripping through Paris time in 'Driving Madeleine,' deadpan romance in 'Fallen Leaves' heavy lessons in 'Origin

Screen Grabs: In ‘The Zone of Interest,’ poster children for the Master Race lifestyle

Jonathan Glazer's new film conjures shock from quiet scenes of domesticity just across the wall from Auschwitz.

Screen Grabs: Are increasingly longer run-times justified? For ‘The Delinquents,’ yes

Argentine export is more than a heist flick. Plus: Hyperactive but promising 'Persian Version' and harrowing but beautiful 'Natural Light'

The scariest book I’ve read this year

'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' has lessons for us all—right now

Michael Shellenberger, who says progressives ruin cities, has alarming transphobic tweets

Why would anyone take this person's political opinions seriously any more?

Homelessness—and failed solutions— in Salt Lake City and Denver

Sweeps and attacks on the unhoused are not just happening in the Bay Area; it's a national problem.

The campaign against CRT is all about preserving white privilege

That's the story the right-wing politicians don't want to talk about—because it's still a very real part of American life.