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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Tagged with: Google Buses

SFMTA won’t ban Google buses from Geary transit lanes

Staff actually talks about 'super carpool lanes' giving private operators the right to interfere with Muni operations.

What’s going on with Muni? Supes want some clear answers

Plus: Can private buses use the transit lanes on Geary -- and does the city need any more giant mansions? That's The Agenda for July 19-16

SF supes want an end to tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful demos

Plus: What are we going to do about all of those parklets as the city opens up again? That's The Agenda for May 24-31

Wiener attacks SF supes

State Senator says board is not functional and harks back to his own days as a supe -- which were only "collegial" when it meant helping Big Tech

SF planners say 11-year-old data is just fine — and will never expire

The Board of Supes rejected an appeal of a housing development in the Mission today after the Planning Department effectively admitted that it can...

DA deal? D5 money … and will an 11-year EIR ever die?

There are really only two questions for George Gascon at this point: Did he cut a deal with the mayor (and everyone knows Gascon...

Uber, Lyft, and Amazon make SF’s environmental planning irrelevant

The San Francisco Planning Commission appears ready to go forward on a proposal that could bring as many as 15,000 new residents to the...

Fewer’s racial-equity plan could change the way SF makes policy

The Government Audit and Oversight Committee will hold a special hearing Thursday/11 to consider an ordinance by Sup. Sandra Lee Fewer that could have...

What if the ‘moderates’ are wrong, about everything?

The New York Times went crazy this week with stories about the terror “moderates” are feeling about the direction of the Democratic Party. It...

The real lessons from the surging numbers of homeless people on the streets of SF

The biggest takeaway from the disturbing (but not surprising) new homeless-count numbers is not that there are more homeless people on the streets. We...