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Hunger Strike, Day XI: A letter from the Frisco Five to Mayor Ed Lee

Hunger strikers ask the mayor to meet with them Tuesday -- and to fire Chief Suhr

Day X of Hunger Strike: “On Tuesday We March to City Hall”

More than 100 rally for the hunger strikers; 'we're not playing politics'

Day VIII of Hunger Strike: #Frisco5 Going Strong and Captain Perea Talks Race

On Day 8, conversation between Captain Parea and the hunger strikers get less hostile

Day VII of Hunger Strike: Chief Suhr’s 5th Anniversary, #BaltimoreUprising and a week of going hungry

Supporters keep coming: 'Only I know how much pain and weakness my body is in '

Day VI of Hunger Strike: More than 100 protesters block off the streets

Protestors take to the streets to support what is becoming an occupation of the Mission police station

Day V of hunger strike: Police threaten to arrest hunger strikers, close down toilets and power sockets

The protest outside Mission police station enters it's fifth day; 'You think we are animals and that's how you treat us'

Day IV of Hunger Strike: ‘There’s just so much love’

The protest outside the Mission police station continues; 'Mayor Lee figures he'll ignore us until one of us dies.'

Day III of Hunger Strike: ‘We Are Hungry for Justice’

Five people still outside Mission Station as supporters rally to demand police accountability

Hunger Strike, Day II: ‘This is not a publicity stunt by any means of the imagination’

Protesters camp out in front of Mission Police Station to make a statement on police killings