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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Tagged with: John Burton

Massive Peskin kickoff sets up an epic race for mayor of SF

Billionaire 'protest' is a total bust as huge crowd packs Portsmouth Square for a candidate who might be able to build a winning coalition in mostly right-wing field

Preston seeks to shift local elections to higher-turnout years

Charter amendment could have far-reaching impacts on local politics.

After more than a century, PG&E is finally on the ropes in San Francisco

The city's moving to establish a public-power system—but we should also talk about accountability for the politicians and media that enabled an illegal monopoly for so long.

The lady was a champ: Remembering Margo St. James, patron saint of sex work

Groundbreaking SF icon, who passed this month at 83, left an indelible mark on the fight for sex workers' rights

Public Defender Jeff Adachi dies

Jeff Adachi, who built the San Francisco Public Defender's Office into one of the best in the country, has died at 59. His death, apparently...

Prop. C: The battle for the soul of San Francisco

The New American Oligarchy of Wealth and Privilege that seized control of the United States two years ago with the election of President Donald...

Breed talks about bringing the city together — but shows sharp political edges

London Breed became the first African American woman to serve as mayor of San Francisco today, taking the oath of office in a modest,...

Newsom’s lawyer says SF voters are stupid

In a lawsuit challenging whether voters can reject commercial developments on the San Francisco waterfront, attorneys for the State of California called an expert...

For seniors, eviction can be a death sentence

DIALOGUES FOR LIFE When I was studying to be a psychoanalyst, one of my teachers, Dr. Irma Birman, shared a recollection from her childhood...

Newsom’s lawsuit against SF goes to court this week

A San Francisco Superior Court Judge will hear arguments Wednesday/28 in a lawsuit filed by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and his State Lands Commission...