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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Tagged with: Local Elections

Leaders under 30: SF Youth Commissioner Jayden Tanaka on valuing diverse young voices

A high school student talks about the role of young people in the political process -- and why we need more affordable housing.

Leaders under 30: Assemblymember Alex Lee on the impact of engagement

The youngest member of the state Legislature in a century and the first openly bisexual member ever talks about running for office at 25.

Supes approve police contract that many agree is a bad deal

Facing threats of layoffs and promises of POA remorse, board approves raises for cops with no guarantees they will stop blocking reforms.

Public funding transforms D11 race

The District 11 fundraising records show how public financing is changing the nature of local political campaigns. Former Sup. John Avalos is challenging the incumbent,...

Grassroots uprising calls for defunding police

The grassroots movement to defund the SF police has made its presence felt this week as hundreds of callers have flooded two supes committee...

Wearing a mask is a political statement—that you care about community

Donald Trump has – no surprise – turned a basic public-health practice into a political issue, putting millions of lives at risk. Trump has consistently...

Political operatives try to defend dark money

The city’s new law mandating real disclosure for dark money in local elections is under attack – and the legal filing include some fascinating...

Control of SF Democratic Party up for grabs in March

California will for once play a significant role in choosing the Democratic nominee for president, since the state has moved up its primary to...

The Agenda, Election Day edition

The biggest election day of a lot of our lives is Tuesday/6, and I know that sounds overly dramatic, but I think it’s true. The...

Business districts use public money to attack homeless people, study finds

Business Improvement Districts, which are in essence private tax assessors that spend money to spiff up certain parts of town, have been using public...