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Monday, October 2, 2023

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Tagged with: Local Media

Washington Post — not the SF news media — exposes lies about Boudin

The inaccurate reporting and social media just continues, as most of the major local media stands by or goes along.

Historic coalition of local independent publications aims to Save SF News

15 community outlets band together for monthlong fundraiser to keep producing essential journalism. Donate now!

Missed our 48 Hills Variety Gala? Watch here!

Honey Mahogany and a cavalcade of local entertainers put it all out there to help save local media.

The Agenda: Saving local journalism ….

All local news media is critical during this crisis, and most local news media outlets are struggling. But the nonprofits, the outlets that are...

Donate to our online fundraiser, and save local media!

To our readers: Today we launched an online GoFundMe fundraiser to help replace the revenue we've lost due to COVID. Please donate! (You can also...

Downtown prepares attack on jobs-housing measure

The Chamber of Commerce will apparently be leading the opposition to Prop. E, the measure that would link office growth to housing– and the...

The big money in the major SF races

The San Francisco Chronicle finally got around to covering the story about Sup. Vallie Brown evicting tenants last week, almost three weeks after SF...

Dance all night on Saturday and raise funds for 48 Hills!

It's my, er, 29th birthday and to celebrate we are rolling the clocks back at the Stud to a golden age of SF nightlife—the...

People in cages, Earth under attack in occupied colonial land

"I’m not sure where they are taking us, but I am praying it is safe.” Marta sat in the back of the Greyhound bus near...

Six years of 48hills! Come celebrate with us

I went to bed June 13, 2013 wondering if I would still be the editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian in the morning. I’d...