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Sunday, June 16, 2024

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News + PoliticsSix HUGE reasons to become a 48hills member today

Six HUGE reasons to become a 48hills member today

Fearless reporting, unparalleled local arts coverage, Best of the Bay... We're not just a pretty face. Join us!


We need you to continue our mission to save local media, report on the upcoming election, and support the local arts scene like no one else. Here’s why you should join us today!

48hills logo by Sirron Norris

FEARLESS INDEPENDENT REPORTING: The media narrative in this city is increasingly alarming, with salacious reports on crime, homelessness, and housing that not only miss the point but empower a right-wing agenda. We are the alternative, the daily news source that offers deep analysis, investigative reporting, and breaking news that challenges the dominant narrative.

NEWS THAT MATTERS TO YOU: We are the on-the-ground source that covers San Francisco from a community perspective, from the city streets not the corporate suites. We publish stories that empower activists to demand social change—and get it.

ONE-OF-A-KIND ARTS COVERAGE: We are one of the very, very few local publications left that fully supports the local, independent arts and culture scene in the Bay Area, with previews, reviews, interviews, and in-depth looks at the incredible people and organizations keeping the soul of San Francisco alive. Our arts team is among the most diverse of any Bay Area publication, with deep-rooted historical knowledge of local theatre, music, film, visual art, nightlife, festivals, food and drink, and small businesses that make up the backbone of the Bay Area. We know this city like no one else, and we understand how important the arts are to our history and humanity. 


LOCAL EMPLOYMENT: Despite our tiny core staff of three, 48hills employs dozens of local journalists, writers, artists, web designers, editors, illustrators, photographers and support staff, helping to keep working people in the Bay Area. Everyone at 48 Hills is local! We are a queer-run publication whose full-time staff is Arab and Latina. Most of the people we work alongside are people of color, recent immigrants, and/or queer, and we offer a rare platform for their expression and experience. Your support helps keep artists and writers from having to flee our region for better opportunities. 

BEST OF THE BAY: For 50 years we have been putting out the nation’s original citywide Best of the Bay—yes, back in 1974 the Bay Guardian was the only one in the whole country. Over those years, we have awarded more than 15,000incredible local restaurants, shops, bars, taquerias, nightclubs, galleries, dance companies, arts organizations, salons, bands, DJs, drag queens, burlesque performers, podcasts, and so much more with the coveted annual Best of the Bay title. Our readers poll draws tens of thousands of readers to vote for their very favorite things that make living here the best, while our editors pick the hidden gems of the Bay Area that deserve more shine. 

THE FUTURE OF LOCAL JOURNALISM: 48hills represents the future of local journalism. Daily papers in hundreds of cities are folding, reporters laid off, the towns becoming news deserts—which just lets the powerful act without accountability. Our model of nonprofit reporting is setting the standard for a new way of making local journalism work, everywhere


We can’t do all this with our current funding. In fact, right now we are barely holding on.

Some outlets have deep-pocketed owners or investors. Some are big chains and/or owned by billionaires. Not us! We are full community-funded so we can stay independent. The only way this is going to work in the next year is if we can get at least 1000 people to donate $20 a month.

That’s not a lot of people, and not a lot of money. 

If everyone who read this message signed up for $20 a month donations, we’d have more than enough money to expand. We realize not everyone can do that. But those of you who can, please: Sign up to help us make our goal. Tell your friends and allies.

Will you join us? Just $20 a month. We can get to 1000, I know we can. Please help. Thanks for all you are and all you do!

— Tim Redmond and the 48hills family

48 Hills welcomes comments in the form of letters to the editor, which you can submit here. We also invite you to join the conversation on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


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