Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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The SF Assembly race and affirmative action

By Tim Redmond MARCH 20, 2014 –A measure in the state Legislature that could end the ban on affirmative action at California public colleges and universities is now in limbo....

SF Democratic Party sides with developers on waterfront

The DCCC listens to testimony at its endorsement meeting By Tim Redmond March 12, 2014 -- To the surprise of some political observers (um, me), the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted tonight to side with the real-estate developers and reject Prop. B, a measure that would require a public vote for any project that exceeds existing height limits on the waterfront. The vote was 13-12, and it included some surprises: Sup. Malia Cohen, who is facing a re-election challenge from a Prop. B ally, voted to support Prop. B – and Sup. David Chiu, who was a leader in the fight against 8 Washington, abstained, in effect giving the developers the edge. "This shows that the real-estate industry now controls the San Francisco Democratic Party," Prop. B author John Golinger told me after the vote.