Stories about Nazi

Noir, n’est-ce pas?

With the Roxie's "The French Have a Name for It 3," a bonanza of midcentury thrillers comes to American shores.

Hole-y terrors

Satanic VHS tapes, animated zombies, drugs in the Tenderloin: Two full weeks of indie fright at the 13th Hole in the Head film fest

Lights, camera, Mill Valley

'Company Town,' tech women, Modesto's homeless, Pickle Family Circus: Mill Valley Film Fest 2016 mixes the local with the international.

A Millennial’s view of housing in SF

A native sees the city go from the absurd to the insane By Lia Azul Salaverry OCTOBER 5, 2015 -- To say I am a Bay...
48 Hills: TIFF 40

Ficks’ Picks from the Toronto International Film Festival, part 1

Hitchcock revisited, Laurie Anderson's dog, Neo-Nazi horror, Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion animation... and a nightmarish new E.T.? (Read part 2 here.) By Jesse Hawthorne Ficks SCREEN GRABS...

The developers are nervous about the Mission Moratorium

A crazy letter from a leading local developer, and a poll showing Prop. I leading, demonstrates how worried the industry is about a possible...

‘Breaking the Code’ depicts the enigma of Alan Turing

Theatre Rhinoceros takes on the tragic, complicated story of the gay mathematician who helped save the world.  By Marke B. ONSTAGE Things get cooking in the second...

San Francisco or bust: Class war and why we need to stand and fight to save our city

(Editors Note: This is a speech delivered to a business conference on the “Mid-Market Transformation,” March 12, 2014) By David Talbot I want to talk about...

How SF Weekly and C.W. Nevius got the tech protests all wrong

Actually, protests are good. And they work. By Tim Redmond FEB. 24, 2014 -- I don’t have any bad feelings for SF Weekly these days. The...