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Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Tagged with: One Oak

Finally, Walton will get to ask Breed about reparations

Plus: Next steps for the Castro Theater, the farce of 479 Stevenson, and how the city in once again screwing over cab drivers. That's The Agenda for April 17-24

Housing panel calls for $85 million in spending, setting up budget conflict with mayor

It's a great time to buy land for social housing. There's dedicated money for it. But Breed has refused to spend it.

Scathing new city report repudiates Lee, Breed policies on Uber, Lyft

Planners say TNCs have caused terrible problems because the city didn't regulate them. Plus, on housing: It's capitalism, stupid.

Yimby Law sues city over project that likely will never get built anyway

It's a good PR stunt, but it's not going to create any new housing anytime soon.

Luxury housing will destroy the last low-income community in Soma

Oh, and on a site with very shaky ground, the building could be the next Leaning Tower.

Kaiser workers prepare for strike over mental-health staffing

Mental-health workers at Kaiser’s French Campus on Geary are launching a one-day strike Wednesday/10 to focus attention on the massive health-care operation’s failure to...

Assault on local control equals deregulation of housing

"Democrats have a comprehensive agenda to invest in America's cities, grounded on the premise that local leaders are best equipped to create a better...

Why Wiener’s housing bill undermines good policy outcomes

The One Oak project and another controversial development in the Mission both moved forward this week after the district supervisors worked with the developers...

The Agenda: Tasers, traffic, and cannabis

The San Francisco Police Department hasn’t by any means given up on getting Tasers — apparently, Chief William Scott is a big fan of...

What’s at stake for big condo project at Van Ness and Market

The Board of Supes put off for a week a decision on the environmental review of the One Oak project after a series of...