Stories about Prop. B

Newsom’s lawsuit against SF is set for trial

Judge denies all dismissal motions, meaning the state and the city will face off starting Sept. 11

Newsom’s lawyer says voters can’t be trusted

In stunning argument, Lite Gov's legal team says land use decisions should be taken away from voters -- and that the Port's future should be all about big-money development

Newsom’s lawsuit against SF goes to court this week

Lite Guv wants to overturn local control over waterfront development

Does Newsom want to be the guv who turns SF into Miami Beach?

The Lt. Gov is pushing a lawsuit to strip voter control over waterfront development

Airbnb suddenly drops $245,000 into local politics

Big donations to measures sponsored by Farrell, Cohen, and Lee and to DCCC candidates come days after a new bill is introduced to more tightly regulate the company

The Agenda, March 30-April 5: The mayor’s eviction bungle, Newsom dredges further into the muck, and more

By Tim Redmond MARCH 30, 2015 – One day after tenant organizers worked hard to bring attention to an eviction attempt in Chinatown that demonstrated...

Judge will decide if SF voters can control waterfront height limits

Gavin Newsom and his pals are suing the city to overturn Prop. B and allow unlimited development on Port land By Tim Redmond MARCH 25, 2015...

Tom’s Town: The city, ten years back

By Tom Temprano Last week I celebrated the ten-year anniversary of my moving to San Francisco. A decade ago, at 18 years old, I enrolled...

Newsom says he voted to sue San Francisco

By Tim Redmond AUGUST 15, 2014 – We solved one mystery today. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom showed up for the State Lands Commission meeting at the...

Newsom may have to answer for lawsuit against SF

By Tim Redmond AUGUST 14, 2014 -- Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom will be in the spotlight this week, when the State Lands Commission meets in...