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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Tagged with: SF Chronicle

Homelessness—and failed solutions— in Salt Lake City and Denver

Sweeps and attacks on the unhoused are not just happening in the Bay Area; it's a national problem.

Washington Post — not the SF news media — exposes lies about Boudin

The inaccurate reporting and social media just continues, as most of the major local media stands by or goes along.

The Chron has a Mission business story all wrong (are we surprised?)

There are very real issues of displacement and racial equity in the debate over moving a tech-centered 'destination' to 14th and Mission.

Supes challenge planners over construction on toxic sites

Resolution points to Planning Department's record of allowing new luxury housing despite hazards. Plus: Why City College matters. That's The Agenda for May 3-9

Beyond ‘Suavecito’: A tribute journey through Jorge Santana’s Chicano rock

Guillermo "Jorge" Santana, the musician, guitarist, and younger brother of Carlos Santana—who passed on May 14 of natural causes at the age of 68...

Good info, little relief at city’s Virtual Nightlife + Entertainment Summit

There are lots of big questions about COVID-gutted San Francisco nightlife that have yet to be directly addressed. How and why are live venues,...

The dangerous, inaccurate reporting on homelessness and the COVID crisis

Take some salacious information, add a single person with a point of view, and suddenly you have a major international story – that can...

15 ways to support the local food scene—and eat (and drink) well

Here are some options for excellent nourishment that will help support local restaurants, food vendors and their staff in their efforts to stay afloat: Arizmendi...

The big missing story on the power outages

I am a longtime critic of the SF Chronicle, so let me take a second to say this: As the crisis of power outages...

Ben Folds illuminates the music biz with ‘Lightning Bugs’

Ben Folds is not your average rockstar, so it’s no surprise that the genre-bending alternative, pop, and classical artist’s autobiography, A Dream About Lightning...