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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Tagged with: SF Nightlife

Pride isn’t a safe space with London Breed and the SFPD

My hometown celebration now feels dangerous to me, with a cop-loving mayor who disregards her own COVID protocols

How To Reopen Nightlife: Enough with the boys’ club, make room for women

DJ femmelectric and promoter Alex McGeagh speak about equity, access, and safety for women and nonbinary folks.

Enormous treasure trove of queer SF nightlife photos coming online

Shutterslut is uploading a selection of his 25,000 prints from '90-'00s clubs to Instagram.

Club mogul accused of vigilante homeless sweep says he did nothing wrong

Peter Glikshtern says he called private trash crew to encampment, insists he was justified by city inaction.

Dance all night on Saturday and raise funds for 48 Hills!

It's my, er, 29th birthday and to celebrate we are rolling the clocks back at the Stud to a golden age of SF nightlife—the...

Party Radar: For Navid

PARTY RADAR The Bay Area nightlife community has weathered a lot of ghastly blows in the past couple years, from Ghost Ship and the shooting...

Heaven’s Gate reverberates in mystical coming-of-age tale ‘Barn Owl’

ONSTAGE Playwright and actor Evan Johnson's drag queen alter ego, Martha T. Lipton the Failed Actress, is one of the most delightfully surreal performers in...

Party Radar: Are you ready for the Cleveland techno invasion?

PARTY RADAR The greater Midwest is central to the story of electronic music in the United States, but it gets short shrift these days:...

Party Radar: The way, way, Wayback Machine

PARTY RADAR I've got a horn and I'm gonna toot it! I've loved covering SF nightlife, starting way back as an imaginary, omnipresent, somewhat...

Party Radar: The Mutek cometh

PARTY RADAR Festival season is coming hard upon us, even if that means May—pre-sale tickets are already available for the magickal, mystickal, musick-loaded, 19th annual...