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Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Tagged with: SROs

Inside the SIP hotels saga

How activists and some supes forced the city to put homeless people in hotel rooms.

A heroic CD makes life on the streets a bit easier

Street Sheet vendors now have another product to sell—and it's made a huge difference.

If SF bans smoking weed in your apartment, where could you get high?

Bill would criminalize pot smoking for a large part of the city's population.

A guide to free food in San Francisco

If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity in San Francisco right now, immediate help is available, including programs that are open...

Why won’t SF health officer order homeless into hotels?

At the end of the Board of Supes meeting Tuesday, we got some dramatic clarity on why the Department of Public Health isn’t pushing...

Supes look to protect SRO residents

The Board of Supes Finance Committee approved today emergency legislation aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 in single-room occupancy hotels. The measure by Sup....

First sanctioned tent city opens in SF

San Francisco's first city-sanctioned safe sleeping site began operations yesterday afternoon. The site, referred to as the Safe Sleeping Village, has 50 spaces for...

What’s the future for bars and restaurants? A new podcast digs in

For 14 years, Marcia Gagliardi has taken both a bird's-eye and a fork's-tine view of the local dining and drinking scene. tablehopper, her invaluable...

Why turn affordable SROs into tourist hotel rooms?

While the supervisors and the mayor are engaged in a critical, and bitter, debate about moving homeless people into hotels, the Planning Department is...

Can hotels become permanent housing for homeless people?

There are ways to describe the logistics of moving thousands of homeless people into hotel rooms. It’s not going to be simple. But referring to...