Stories about Taxis

The Agenda, July 10-16: A landlord attack on ballot initiatives …

... plus what to do when robots take all our jobs, and Prince Gavin hides from the press. We look at the coming week

Should Uber be shut down?

Harvard business professor says the real problem in the tech industry is a "contagious" culture of lawbreaking that society shouldn't tolerate

YIMBYs, Smart Growth — and unanswered questions

The real-estate industry loves smart growth; here's why

Why tech money wants to rule SF

There are billions of dollars at stake, depending on who gets elected Nov. 8

No CEQA review for Uber

City admits that the impact of all these new cars on the streets doesn't qualify as an environmental impact

Lies of the “sharing economy” start to collapse

At what point do Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb need to be treated as taxi and hotel companies -- or are we already there?

The Agenda, Dec. 28- Jan 3: New Year’s resolutions ….

... for everyone else. What we'd like to see in 2016.

The Agenda, July 20-26: Micro-units and affordable housing …

... and should a parking garage become highrise luxury condos on the waterfront? We review the issues coming up this week By Tim Redmond JULY 20,...

Uber’s cut-rate prices are destroying immigrant jobs

In Fremont, taxi drivers who used to be able to support a family are crushed beneath the giant tech company's plan to attract riders...

Mayors sneak into Uber behind police barricades

Local leaders pay homage to a company that got rich breaking local laws By Tim Redmond JUNE 22, 2015 -- The US Conference of Mayors ended...