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Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Tagged with: Tenant Rights

Will SF’s ambitious Climate Action plan ever actually happen?

Implementing the program will cost money and involve tough decisions. Is City Hall up to it?

DA Boudin: ‘We don’t see jail or prison as the only or basic response to crime’

An exclusive interview with the district attorney after a year in what has been an immensely challenging job.

‘Throwing us out like garbage’

SIP hotel residents say the city's not living up to its promises -- and contracts.

A progressive wave in the East Bay

Victories over big money in Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, and Antioch shows the power of community organizing.

The sleaze reaches high tide in D5

Bizarre attack on Dean Preston defies facts, logic, and reality -- but that doesn't stop Big Real Estate and Big Tech.

The big GOP and real-estate money moves into District One

Fake tenants group and big outside cash is now trying to promote Philhour over Chan in a race that could determine the balance of power on the board.

Epic Sacramento showdown over looming eviction tsunami

In an important State Capitol legislative shift, on Thursday Berkeley Assemblymember Nancy Skinner agreed to amend her controversial housing bill, AB1085. She said she will...

The politics of the race for SF judge

When four public defenders challenged sitting judges two years ago, it created a furor in the world of the local judiciary. As I wrote...

Supes look to protect tenants while planners make the housing crisis worse

UPDATE: The item on the Hines tower has been updated to reflect new numbers. Sup. Matt Haney is pushing legislation that would extend eviction protections...

After 50 years, SF poised to move on public power

The Chron kicked off the annual media week of stories on homelessness Sunday with a long, detailed, Q&A – readers submitted questions, and Editor...