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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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UncategorizedThe Tim and Tom Show: Gay Republicans, campaign corruption...

The Tim and Tom Show: Gay Republicans, campaign corruption … and where is Ed Lee on City College?

Our live, unedited, uncensored podcast: The best 12 minutes in San Francisco


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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    […] Informations on that Topic: 48hills.org/2015/03/05/the-tim-and-tom-show-gay-republicans-campaign-corruption-and-where-is-ed-lee-on-city-college/ […]

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    […] Informations on that Topic: 48hills.org/2015/03/05/the-tim-and-tom-show-gay-republicans-campaign-corruption-and-where-is-ed-lee-on-city-college/ […]

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    […] Informations on that Topic: 48hills.org/2015/03/05/the-tim-and-tom-show-gay-republicans-campaign-corruption-and-where-is-ed-lee-on-city-college/ […]

  19. You don’t know many younger people I take it. Only super political people? Most of the LGBTQ are, like most milennials apolitical, somewhat leftwing but mostly it’s IDC and people are friendly. No one bats an eye, nor do people care. It’s not the old political diehards anymore Gary. Welcome to 2015.

  20. LOL! Log Cabin Republicans are despised by most non-LCR LGBTs – be they moderate LGBTs or leftist.

  21. Like you say, the left demands absolutely loyalty from anyone who isn’t a straight white male. When it turns out that “diversity” actually means minorities thinking for themselves independently rather than being saved by guilt-ridden, shame-faced white liberals and their patronization, they are ostracized.

    That is why factional in-fighting is always more prevalent on the left than on the right, where it is mainly the result of a schism between the religious right and libertarians.

    The left kills its own if they stray from the party line. The phrase “self-hating” might have been invented for the identity politics of the left.

  22. Gary, your problem is that you constantly freak out about anyone that is not going along with your agenda. LGBTQ that are gay are out there, what’s to freak out about? In fact, there’s always been a contingent. Personally I think the #’s are getting larger but I have no idea. You realize that the LCR’s meet right there in the Castro and have for decades? Like the other poster said the left owns NOBODY. Frankly nor does the right.

  23. jch, I don’t recall anyone establishing that, and CCSF’s prblems are well documented and known. Whitewashing those problems and blaming everyone else wont change that

  24. Republicans have actively worked against LGBTs for decades. There are a handful of Republicans who have been publicly supportive, but the party and the majority of vocal Republicans continue to try to remove and rights LGBTs have. And if you believed the that assembly seat was ‘the gay assembly seat’, it is you who had the problem. Nobody I know viewed it through that lens.

    But then, I’m responding to someone who wrote this bullshit, seemingly cut/pasted from ‘The Clueless White Male’s Encyclopedia of Stereotypes (paperback edition)’: “There are also African American LCRs who cross dress and live in the Tenderloin.”

  25. One huge blind spot of progressives is their belief they own their present constituencies. This is political arrogance writ large. Progressives believe they own blacks, Latinos, Asians, women and gays. Real political diversity is anathema to most progressives, especially where minorities are concerned. Hence the bitter comments and Ammiano’s snarkyness.

    I happen to know many of the SF Log Cabin Republicans. Yes they’re mostly (but by no means all) white and male. There are also African American LCRs who cross dress and live in the Tenderloin. Chinese LCRs and even Latino LCRs.

    Many LCRs are patriotic ex-military men who achieved officer rank and significant responsibility long before Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They can’t stand Chelsea Manning because they believe he betrayed his country. Others are lawyers, techies, business owners, artists, etc. Many are homeowners in Victorian painted ladies. A cross section of the mid to upper socio-economic classes.

    The LCRs fought hard for decades against evangelical conservatives within the CAGOP and finally won acceptance, but not without a fight at the state convention last month by the bitter-enders of the culture wars. The LCRs are very active in the SF and state Republican party.

    Progressives don’t OWN the minorities. As ethnic and sexual identity groups emerge, grow more prosperous and mainstream, they will begin to exhibit the same cleavages as the larger white population. Success– especially socio-economic progress– unpacks the natural conservatism of ownership, status, education, class, etc. There are Latino, black, gay, Asian and other Republicans already, and as the CAGOP reorients itself away from white only enclaves and racial politics, the party will begin to make inroads.

    But I’m only stating the obvious… witness the cleavage between Milk and Alice on class lines.

    One final note. Campos lost in part because he was far too reliant on sexual identity as a political issue and on the baton passed by Ammiano. As it turned out, AD-17 wasn’t the gay assembly seat any more. If SF progressives don’t get this, they will continue to decline.

  26. Guest/Sam, we have already established that you are totally ignorant on matters concerning CCSF. If you have nothing intelligent to say it’s better to keep your mouth shut and avoid proving it.

  27. Did you read what I wrote? I never said or implied your sexual orientation. It is you who is assuming.

  28. Seriously, the podcast spent literally 3 seconds on the gay republicans issue and the progressives here went nuts. Tom even told a funny joke about it. But it was 3 seconds or 3 sentences and that was it. Does it offend you so much that there are 22% gay GOP? Seriously? Where is the tolerance that is being screamed about in the left all the time? Nowhere? Shouldn’t it be, oh yeah, there’s a small gay rw contingent, so what? None of you said that. Hilarious. Oh and the #’s are sort of getting a bit more in that area. It’s been said that once LGBTQ got the right to marry that a bunch of people would go GOP. I do not ever see that happening, but I do see definitely quite a few LGBTQ going to the “dark side” muhahahha. It’s fun to be transgressive.

    Oh and Gary, I never said what sex I was or if I’m bi or gay. I love the way you assume.

  29. So your argument is that CCSF has absolutely no problems, financial, administrative or academic?

    And this is poor greed?

    Seems highly unlikely, but CCSF supporters appear to want to seek the blame anywhere except the college itself.

  30. “People of color” is supposedly the most PC term for those who are non-white. I don’t usually use it in any of its variants, but sometimes do.

    “Non-white” seems perfectly adequate and is briefer.

  31. The comment about Ed Lee is interesting and affirms what many of us have long believed: Lee sees CCSF as real estate to be developed, not as an educational institution and a key part of the SF economy. What’s intriguing is that he seems to have Brice Harris on board with this agenda.

  32. @Sam/Guest: It is appropriate to call someone out on their racism, such as when you discuss “colored people.”

    But 4th Gen assumes that everyone knows that he/she is bi-racial and Jewish.

    On more than one occasion he has screamed that San Francisco is anti-Semitic and that he himself has experienced this, but never provides any details to back up what appears to be his/her drunken rant.

    But there is nothing directed at him/her in the post above, unless he/she is a gay Republican or a Jewish Nazi.

  33. Words like “rational” and “decent” are highly subjective. If we all agree on which politicians and parties were rational and decent, then we’d have a one-party state.

  34. LGBTQ people should vote rationally and for decency, like all voters. I would contend that there is more than sufficient evidence to make the case that that precludes voting for Republicans. The fact that LGBTQ people right up until today have been at the receiving end of Republican indecency and irrationality should make them circumspect when evaluating the party as a whole even if they feel that its message appeals to them on an issue or two they happen to care about.

  35. Roger, have you ever noticed that the Castro is overwhelmingly white and male?

    Obviously you don’t like white males but I’m not sure what else your point was about, except to play divisive race and gender cards

  36. Unfortunately, there is within every group a subgroup which cares deeply about their own civil rights, but nobody else’s. Once they believe their own rights have been secured, they are perfectly willing to stomp on others’ rights if they believe it will result in economic gain for themselves. This is what gay republicans are all about and I fear their numbers will grow as gay rights become more secure. Ever notice that gay republicans are overwhelmingly white and male?

  37. Thanks for the information that erodes what you wrote. It was the sex-scandal that lost him the election, not anti-gay ‘smears’ as you wrote above.

    As I watch the Republican party continue their battle against same-sex marriage and any rights for LGBTs across the nation, yes, Log Cabin and any gay Republican is a quisling.

  38. Gay quisling? Just wow. Well time moves on Gary. The Log Cabin in California are officially recognized by the state GOP

    “The final result was Peters 51.59% and DeMaio 48.41%.[63]”
    & that was with two sex scandals released in October and November

    There’s anywhere between 19% – 23% of the LGBTQ that are R’s, and I suspect that # will get higher. And again, there’s a # of LGBTQ in tech and they are pretty much libertarian.

  39. No, DeMaio lost because his campaign policy director charged that he was sexually harassed by DeMaio, and then it was revealed that wasn’t the first time he had been charged with this.

    Also, nobody like a quisling. If a Republican can’t win in San Diego, something is wrong with the Republican.

  40. There’s actually a growing number of gay republicans, even in SF. I know, sounds odd but they exist. Remember Carl DeMaio almost won in San Diego. The Democrat smeared him for…being gay btw.

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