The Tom and Tim Show: The new state senator …

... and the vacuum in the Mayor's Office: We talk about the week


  1. Isn’t she ‘termed out’? This is her FU-term. So, I guess she has the freedom to ‘follow her conscience’ – whatever that may be. All she’s got to loose is her Chair.

  2. I hope you have the heart to follow through @Heart

    I think D5 is a sucker zone with plenty of renter’s from the millennial age group who are easily manipulated by slick astroturfing on reddit and local blogs and local media advertisting…

  3. London Breed would be wise to make good on her campaign promises. Dean Preston, an outsider and virtual unknown, came within
    4 percentage points of winning. Breed was crazy scared and rightly so. This election showed that D5 residents are electrified and ready for change. Breed played dirty with calls to Wreck the Park, a trumped up ethics complaint by one of her biggest supporters and the Airbnb Hail Mary pass less than 2 1/2 weeks before Election Day. And let’s not forget about all that money from folks who will never live in D5: Ron Conway of Atherton, DD Wilsey of Pac Heights, Airbnb, corporate lobbyists and developers and realtors. We will hold you accountable London Breed. D5 residents are paying attention. You worked the “I’m a renter just like you” and the powdered milk and moving van stories hard. Walk your talk.

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