A scary time in Venezuela

The US is participating in an undemocratic coup.

I am a Venezuelan national and also now a US national. I have been in the US now for 17, years but have the privilege of going back to Venezuela where my family lives, and also see friends and fellow organizers. I have been organizing in San Francisco for 15 years around the right to education, racial justice, LGBT rights, criminalization, and police profiling.

The streets of Caracas were calm yesterday as people went about their daily business. Photo by Mardha Lunar.

It is a very scary time in Venezuela, a very anti-democratic time, and in fact quite dictatorial to have somebody who has not gone through an election call themselves a president — and in fact to do that in an organized, coordinated manner with the United States.

When you don’t go through an election and yet you call yourself a president it’s absurd. It doesn’t even deserve a conversation. I can’t believe that countries around the world are supporting this guy. Canada, Colombia, Brazil – Colombia and Brazil have very neo-liberal presidents.

Those countries are supporting Venezuala’s maddening new situation. Trump has for the past eight months said that a military option is on the table.

If you support war, innocent people getting killed on the street, then you can support what is happening in Venezuela. Otherwise, denounce it.