If the Democrats want to elect Trump, just have more debates like this one

Sanders might be the nominee. All this trash talk does is give the incumbent more video clips to use in the fall.

Much of the almost-unwatchable, atrociously badly moderated debate, was about trashing Bernie Sanders, and much of what some candidates said was that he would lose to Trump.

Those candidates just helped Trump, a lot.

At this point, all the Democrats are doing is trashing each other and helping Trump.

Elizabeth Warren said that  she and Bernie agree on a lot, but she would make a better president because her plans are more specific and she would be more effective at getting things done (which means working with Republicans and moderate Democrats). Fair point, fair argument.

But the rest of them? Saying Sanders is not the person to be president of the United States?

If – and at this point it appears at least possible if not likely – Sanders wins the nomination, those are clips that will be used by the Trump campaign in the fall. Over and over.

At this point, the debates don’t matter much. The primaries are going to be won on the ground.

All that the likes of Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg are doing is giving ammunition to the Trump campaign and making it harder for the party to come together in the fall.

Don’t these folks realize that they have a common purpose in defeating the incumbent, and that they have policy differences that are worth discussing, but that one of them will be the nominee and need the support of everyone else?

Or is this blind ambition – the presidential race isn’t about issues, it’s about ME – so overwhelming that nobody has any sense anymore?

Hillary Clinton lost in part because her main campaign issue was that she should be president. Didn’t work. Won’t work.

I have always believed that the true test of someone who is running for office is simple: Is it about the issues you care about and a movement you are a part of — or is it about you?

Bernie Sanders might be the nominee; that’s the reality. And the more the other candidates do to trash him, in a way that doesn’t even help them at the polls, the more they help Trump.