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Party Radar: Are you ready for the Cleveland techno invasion?

Adab from the Heaven is in You party and In Training's Kiernan Laveaux and Father of Two are driving across America to Mixed Forms, Sat/20.

PARTY RADAR The greater Midwest is central to the story of electronic music in the United States, but it gets short shrift these days: Sure, Detroit and Chicago are still shining stars in the underground firmament, but what about cities where people are really kicking against the conservative pricks, like Cleveland? 

Welp, Cleveland has its own exciting, coalescing underground scene worth investigating, and it’s queer as fuck, huzzah. You won’t even have to spring for a ticket to Ohio, as the Mixed Forms party is offering a Cleveland queer underground sampler platter, Sat/21. That’s when representatives of two of Cleveland’s vibrant underground parties, In Training and Heaven Is In You, come to the Stud. (Full disclosure: I am part of the Stud Collective, and have partied with In Training in the Appalachian forest). There’s definitely some good ol’ DIY community aesthetic going on. I had a wee email exchange with DJs Kiernan Laveaux and Father of Two from In Training and ADAB from Heaven is in You, as they traveled across the country to visit San Francisco for the first time. 

48H When I checked i with In Training last year, it felt like a queer underground scene was finally taking root in Cleveland. How you have seen the Cleveland scene change through your parties? 

FATHER OF TWO I participate very little in the wider Cleveland ‘scene’ outside of the three parties my friends and I organize together, so it’s hard for me to answer. Our events continue to be rewarding and expanding, and the wider queer music community seems to be responding well to what we do here.

ADAB It’s always been a place with a queer and creative presence, but I feel like our parties have bolstered spaces for those energies to congregate and mesh with one another.

KIERNAN LAVEAUX Having been an attendee at shows in Cleveland for the last five years of my life, I would definitely say there’s been a slight increase of peoples’ awareness in their words and actions towards queer people in the timeframe that our events have been around. While it’s nowhere near perfect, I believe it has to do in tandem with an increase of general social awareness and maybe people being more exposed to what we do. ADAB nailed it in that the queers and energy has always been there, but needed a space to meet and interact with one another and share ideas.

48H You all come at the scene from different directions. How did you get started throwing parties and DJng?

FATHER OF TWO I started throwing parties and DJing with In Training, which was conceived the night Mx Silkman (the third member of In Training) and I first met almost four years ago. I’ve been learning it all on the job!

ADAB I started DJing around 2010, in college, after my best friend/sibling sent me a Numark Traktor LE while on tour with the USMC in Afghanistan. Developing out of that came a genuine desire to learn more about the gift I was given. As far as party organizing, aside from random house parties, I hadn’t considered doing any type of official party until me and my Heaven Is In You cofounder Eric met Kiernan, Father of Two, and Mx Silkman as a result of the small pool of the Cleveland electronic underground.

KIERNAN LAVEAUX I started DJing about three years ago as a result of Father of Two and Mx Silkman starting In Training and me wanting to get on board and help out with it. It seemed like the best way possible for me to meet other transgender people, because at the time I had very few trans friends and was going through a lot of isolation and confusion. Seeing ADAB play one of our early parties was also the first time I saw one of my friends and peers really command a room and make people dance, and it struck a chord in me to want to take this as far as I could with people I was forming close bonds with. I joined on as an official member of In Training about four months into it’s existence.

48H How would you characterize the music you play, and can you give me a couple of tracks you love right now?

FATHER OF TWO There is so much interesting music coming out at the moment that I have a blast showcasing and attempting to put into a more queer context. I particularly enjoy lots of music coming out of the UK that takes influence from soundsystem culture and IDM; labels like Timedance, Livity Sound, Version, Tobago Tracks, Conga Burn, Central Processing Unit, Le Chatroom, Circular Jaw, and many more have all been releasing tons of heat that I’ve enjoyed messing around with, just to name a few. I also have a rather large soft spot for UK Garage and think it’s a sound that is inexplicably rather underrepresented in the US queer underground. Three tracks I love right now are “Yak” by Zephyr (Le Chatroom), “PEEV” by Delia (Intramuros Records), and “Love Delicious (Sully Remix)” by Girls Of The Internet [Ramp Recordings]

ADAB I try my hardest most times to shift between techno, house, breaks, electro, minimal, and their various combinations. The common thread of the sound I try to carry through them is intentionally centered around dense percussion elements. Three tracks I love right now are: Underground Resistance’s “Radioactive Rhythms,” Fred P’s “6am” and Ubik’s “1991”

KIERNAN LAVEAUX I also take a lot of influence from “broken” rhythms associated with the sounds of the UK as well as dense percussion and a variety of styles put through a blender in my mind. I like to have a huge tidal wave of sounds coming at people, but also play a lot with space and dynamics. I’m inspired by my interpretation of the spirit of Midwestern electronic music, the strange and experimental nature of the music that came out of its heyday, and all music that has been influenced by it since. Percussion is the universal language of humanity and the driving force behind almost all tracks I love to play, as well as anything that sounds strange and alien, yet beautiful and enticing. Three tracks I love right now are: Ken Ishii’s “Twist of Space,” Anthony Shakir’s “Systemic Advancing,” and Seefeel’s “Charlotte’s Mouth”


THU 19-SUN/21 DISCRETE FIGURES: RHIZOMATIKS X ELEVENPLAY This eye-popping technology-dance hybrid comes to Gray Area for its 10th Anniversary. “Inspired by Alan Turing, their newest performance marries choreography for five dancers with machine learning technology and a stage designed for interactivity between performers, drones, virtual dancers and other objects.” More info here

THU/19 CHIC Nobody works harder than Nile Rodgers to make a party happen — that’s why his outfit Chic still remains relevant and incredible. Dance to the classics with a crowd of all types. 7pm, $55. Fox Theatre, Oakland. More info here

FRI/20 HIGHER AND HIGHER: A ROOFTOP 4/20 PARTY Head up to Oasis’s roof and celebrate 4/20! With DJs Brown Amy and Sindri, entertainers Dulche de Leche and LOL McFiercen, and more. There will be munchies. 8pm-12am, $7. Oasis, SF. More info here.  

FRI/20 JOE CLAUSELL, PEGGY GOU, AXEL BOMAN, NONCOMPLIANT The As You Like It party (with co-promoter Technoclam) pulls off its usual wonderful stunt of gathering together some of the best DJs in the world, of wildly different styles. It’s an unmissable smorgasbord! 9:30-4:30, $20. Public Works, SF. More info here

FRI/20 DERRICK CARTER The Chicago boogaloo house master returns to slay SF, and we adore him. 9:30pm-3am, $10-$20. Monarch, SF. More info here

FRI/20 CREATURE XV: ALLOY Craziness always ensues at this ultimate gender fluid party, this time celebrating all the metals of the universe with DJs Juanita More, Jordee, Scorpion Warrior, and more. 10pm-4am, $10. the Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/21 MAGIC TOUCH The Los Angeleno touches down with his gossamer house style at the ever-splendid Push the Feeling party. 9pm-2am, $7. Underground SF. More info here

SAT/21 NON STOP BHANGRA Our favorite bhangra party ever brings in the UK’s PBN to light the dancefloor on fire. 9pm-2am, $15. Public Works, SF. More info here

SAT/21 BEATPIG: METAWHOREPHOSIS! Walter Gomez and Juanita More host this porky tribute to the power of “transwhoremation.” With DJ Stanley Frank. 10-2pm, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here

SAT/21 FRINGE Indie dance bliss with DJs Blondie K & subOctave + special guests Mario Muse. Too cute. 9pm-2am, $5. Madrone, SF. More info here

SAT/21 D.A.D. The Dudes And Disco party is too cute for words, but they’re getting serious about sweat with guests Gay Marvine and Bus Station John. Disco for all, hon. 9pm-2am, $7-$10. Driftwood, SF. More info here.     

SAT/21 DÂM FUNK + PEANUT BUTTER WOLF Two great, funky tastes from LA that sound great together. DÂM always wows with his Prince-feel sets, while Wolf (the founder of Stones Throw Records) is a classic in the turntablist mode. 9pm, $22. Midway, SF. More info here

SAT/21 SATURDAY NIGHT SOUL PARTY DJ Guillermo of the classic Sweater Funk crew makes your backbone slip (with 45s!) at the Elbo Room. 10pm-2am, $8. Elbo Room, SF. More info here

SUN/22 SUNSET + HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM BOAT PARTY The Honey boys have hopped on this party traditions, as the Sunset Crew continues sailing into the summer. Special Guest Antenes from L.I.E.S. Records. All aboardy!  5pm-11pm, $60. More info here

Party Radar: Fortnight of Fun—Love Glove Edition

Neon bender Meryl Pataky curates the "She Bends" showcase and party at Midway, Sat/7.

PARTY RADAR Get ready for two whole weeks of debauchery, because I’m toast next week working on some special projects—including promoting the awesomest party of all, the 48 Hills Fifth Anniversary May Day Gala! If you like what I do, or even if you can remember what I do, please consider buying a ticket to party with us, or donating to keep us going. We love your support, and we’d love your support. <3

OH! One announcement before I flutter off. The GLBT Historical Society Archives and Museum has just acquired two full crates of the legendary Sylvester’s outfits and personal effects, including his exquisite gloves!

Sylvester framed them himself, of course. It’s all being announced as part of a fundraising drive to keep queer history secure. Check it out here!  



THU/6 ARCA “All music and visuals composed, produced, and presented by a bottom” was one of my favorite tweets of the past year, by emotional-electronic queer Venezuelan nymph Arca, who’s produced Bjork, queered techno discourse, and knows his way around a fisting video. He’ll be playing 1015, backed by the Swagger Like Us crew, for a room full of adoring queens of all stripes. 8pm, $30. 1015 Folsom, SF. More info here

John Cameron Mitchell

FRI/6 DESPERATE LIVING WITH JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL You know him as Hedwig of the Angry inch, but Mitchell’s a well-regarded DJ who launched the Mattachine party, bringing rocky, funky, groovy sounds of the ’60s back into the gay nightlife. He’s here in town for the SF International Film Fest, to promote the new movie he directed, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties,” an alien punk love story, why not. Mitchell will be spinning at the John Waters-approved queer punk party Desperate Living, also featuring the live and wild stylings of Muñecas. 10pm-3am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/6 BAS MOOY X UUN A MORD label showcase at the Direct to Earth party, featuring deep, industrial techno boom from Rotterdam’s Bas Mooy and Detroit’s Uun — with local wizard Tyrel Williams serving acid all night long in the back room. 9pm-4am, $15. F8, SF. More info here

FRI/6 THE JUAN MACLEAN New Yorks charming, chain-smoking happy hip-house homie swoops in for an uplifting DJ set. But wait! He’s bringing Tim Sweeney, the man behind the essential Beats in Space podcast, along for the ride. Wooweeeeee. 9:30pm-3:30pm, $17. Public Works, SF. More info here.   

FRI/6 SESSION VICTIM Energetic, clever, soulful sets (with some very interesting curveballs) from this scruffy pair of house-loving Hamburgers have made them faves on the international circuit. They’re in the US for a mini-tour, don’t miss ’em. 9:30pm-2:30am, $10-$15. Monarch, SF. More info here

SAT/7 WE ARE MONSTERS W/ RON MORELLI  The master of L.I.E.S—that bastion label of lo-fi, handmade house—has gotten headier, and woozier since the label’s heyday in the early 2010s. He drops into record store RS94109 with Cititrax’s An-I and Solar for a delectable We Are Monsters crew gathering. 8pm-1am, $20. RS04109, SF. More info here

Meryl Pataky

SAT/7 SHE BENDS Here’s something different: A glowing showcase of women who work in neon. I had no idea they were called benders! Welp, there’s going to be 32 of them showing work at the Midway, curated by local maker Meryl Pataky, with music by indie darlings Yacht and psychedelic rockers the  Cosmonauts. Neon! 8pm-midnight, $30. Midway, SF. More info here

SAT/7 POWERBLOUSEJuanita More and GlamaMore invite one lucky person to the stage of the Powerhouse for a full-fantasy drag makeover. Watch as they use all of their sacred drag queen powers to tuck, tape, shape, glue and staple this person together. When the vision is complete they will push the newbie onto the stage for their first-ever live lip-sync performance! The magic mascara wand will be casting spells!” With DJ Rolo. 10pm-2am, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here

SAT/7 CLUB LEISURE: BATTLE OF THE BRITPOP BANDS I never really “got” Britpop—terrible, I know!—but the enthusiasm of DJ Omar and his monthly Club Leisure crew (which features all everything from ’60s go-go and ’70s mod to the mashers and thrashers of now) is infectious. Check out this Britpopstravaganza for a Suede-Oasis-Blur-Pulp blur. 10pm-3am, $10. Cat Club, SF. More info here

SAT/7 GO BANG The cutest little disco party in town gets a wee bit house-y with a Moulton Music showcase, featuring Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig, Ivan Ruiz, and Tobirus Mozelle. Throw on something spangly and dance all night. 9pm-3am, $5-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here.  

TUE/10 FEELS 6 A blast at BAMPFA! “An immersive celebration of art, music, film, and community” which previews the Oakland-based FEELS show at the museum. DJ sets by Toro Y Moi, Spelling, and Fela Kutchii, short films, hot crowd. It will sell out, so jump. 6pm-9pm, $20. BAMPFA, Berkeley. More info here

WED/11 HEAD OVER HEELS Deep breath: The Go-Gos have an epic posh-punk musical headed to Broadway, but first it comes to the Curran, and Juanita More is teaming up with Miss Peppermint to host a preview that benefits TRUTH: the Trans Youth — Truth Project. This will be star-studded and packed! Plus you can get 20% off with Juanita’s special mama code, “MORE!”. 8pm, $29-$99. Curran Theatre, SF. More info here.  

FRI/13 REBOLLEDO Burning Man season is definitely in the air if this Mexican techno favorite is dropping by. His Mayan Warrior camp consistently dazzles the playa (and brings some much-needed diversity) and the magic dust will be swirling for this one. 9:30pm-3am, $15. Monarch, SF. More info here.  

FRI/13 DOC MARTIN The lovable, huggable West Coast techno king comes to town, backed by NYC’s Wolf + Lamb (oh how I’ve adored their impeccable selecting) and our own DJ M3, now going as Makes Me Move. 9:30pm-3am, $15-$20. Great Northern, SF. More info here.    

FRI/13 PATRICK RUSSELL + ERIKA Two techno heavy hitters from Interdimensional Transmissions—if you haven’t experienced the legendary Detroit party No Way Back, this can be your taste of that absolute insanity—headline the Surface Tension party. 10pm-4am, F8, SF. More info here

SAT/14 ¡DEMASIADO! “An immersive art party, community meal and dance party to support SOMArts, at the intersection of art and social justice since 1979. Featuring the artists and culture-bearers who are standing up for creative resistance in the Bay Area and honoring pioneering Chicano artist and curator Rene Yanez, the event will bring together SOMArts’ community of artists and arts lovers to look toward the future we want to create.” Tons of great performances, by folks like Rupa and the April Fishes, Persia, Pseuda, DJ Brown Amy, and more. 7pm-midnight, $15-$110. SOMArts, SF. More info here

SAT/14 DETROIT LOVE Good Goddess. Carl Craig, Moodymann, and DJ Minx all together, I will die. This is three essential flavors of Detroit: heady, second wave techno, deep Detroit house, and, well, Minx does her own unforgettable thing. Do not miss. 9pm-3:30am, $17-$25. Public Works, SF. More info here

SAT/14 JOHN TALABOT A grand wizard! One of my favorites (and crushes, OK), the visionary Spaniard calls up idiosyncratic spirits and unexpectedly gothy grooves from his cauldron. 9:30pm-late, $20. Great Northern, SF. More info here

SAT/14 ASMARA One half of LA’s groundbreaking Nguzunguzu and part of the Fade to Mind and infamous Mustache Mondays crew, Asmara gets wicked on the decks for this party, presented by our own Molly House Records. 10pm-4am, $12-$15. the Stud, SF. More info here.

SUN/13 DISCO DADDY PRINCE TRIBUTE Flooding the Eagle with purple vibes, DJ Bus Station John dives deep into his records and pulls out the Artist’s (and friends’) best cuts for an adoring crowd at this annual fete. 7pm-late, $5-$7. SF Eagle. More info here

Party Radar: Sapphic pleasures, Lynchian delights, an indie Hotline …

DJ Sappho plays Underground SF, Fri/30

PARTY RADAR This weekend is stacked like an inflatable drag queen, do they have those yet? I hope not! So let’s just dive into it. But first, let’s pour one out for the Bay Area god of electro and beat mixes, DJ Cameron Paul, who passed away Monday. And then let’s raise one up for Drag Queens Against Guns, making activism, er, pretty again. Drag queens



THU/29 A KATABATIK BENEFIT FOR PEACHES/SAM MAXWELL Sam “Peaches” Maxwell was the last person to make it out of the Ghost Ship fire, and suffered debilitating injuries he’s still recovering from. His journey to recovery has been incredible, and underground Oakland acid/industrial crew Katabatik (who lost their own people in the fire) are throwing this benefit to make sure Peaches has what he needs. I fucking love our community, please come out, or give a little if you can. With special guests Josh Cheon, Justin Anastasi, and many more. (PS I’ll be bartending early at the party, too.) 8pm-2am, $15-50 sliding scale. The Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/30 HOTLINE What happens when nine awesome indie dance parties get together to help save DNA Lounge? Well, let’s just say that last time they had a giant inflatable cat and a snow-making machine. With Popscene DJ Omar, Fringe DJs Blondie K & subOctave, The Queen is Dead DJ Mario Muse, Harder Better Faster Stronger DJs Candy & 2nite, Club Gossip DJ Damon, Indie Cent DJ Haute Toddy, Boy Division DJ Starr, Turbo Drive DJ Netik, and Club Satori DJ Bit. 9pm-2am, $10-$15. DNA Lounge, SF. More info here

FRI/30 SAPPHO AND FRIENDS I can not lie, and I hate to play favorites, but I have to say that Portland’s Sappho is the DJ I most vibe with currently, at least in terms of woweee-zowee psychedelic house, hidden prog-acid gems, and subconsciously burbling ’80s outtakes. It’s all way witchy, subtly poetic, and mind-expanding in terms of WTF selection. Anyway, you will dance. With Jordee and Trevor Sigler. 9pm-2am, $5 after 10pm. Underground SF. More info here.   

FRI/30 TECHNOCLAM: JUANA The Technoclam crew is throwing parties devoted totally to showcasing insanely talented women (the Technoclam site also offers great party guides, mixes, and more), and its fourth party is no exception: DC’s Juana, who got her start “spinning pulsating sweaty drug-fueled disco sessions” and now pounds some lovely techno with the Discwoman crew, makes her debut. With Dhra, Viewfinder, and DpeshMo. 9pm-3am, $5-$10. Public Works, SF. More info here.  

FRI/30 STEREO ARGENTO: DAVID LYNCH Do you like horror? Do you like drag? Do you like entering a dark chamber of gender illusion and coming out screaming with delight (and quite possibly spattered with blood)? Stereo Argento is exactly what you are looking for. This time around, the party takes on David Lynch, justly celebrated for his screwy dream-narratives, but, hey, what about the gore? “From Eraserhead to Blue Velvet to Mulholland Drive, his films have pushed the envelope of narrative filmmaking; bringing their viewers into an uncanny saliva bubble where dreams curdle and nightmares cement.” Go see a bunch of creepy queens bring it all to life onstage. Oh, and dancing with DJs Smac and Topazu. 10pm-3am, $10. the Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/30 DANIEL AVERY The crowd-pleasing DJ’s DJ, who creates insanely lovely, synth-heavy soundscapes that are as descendent from Jean-Michel Jarre as Detroit techno, comes to us from his UK home in advance of new album “Song for Alpha.” This is a Lights Down Low party, so expect non-stop ecstatic dancing (and melty-smiley faces) all night long. With a Direct to Earth takeover in the Red Room. 9pm-3am, $20. Great Northern, SF. More info here

FRI/30 RAVE AGAINST THE MACHINE The Big Ass Amazingly Awesome Homosexual Sheep—better known as BAAAHS—is a giant gay sheep that roams Burning Man, slaying with all-night raves, laser eyes, and mirrorball testicles. It’s also a great crew of DJs and its own soundsystem. BAAAHS takes over the Eagle for a wild dance party, teaming up with the awesome Nark and DAD parties. Don’t be sheepish! 9pm-2am, $5-$10. Eagle SF. More info here

SAT/31 TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY: VISIBILITY INTO ACTION “Join us for a magical evening of celebrating community, moving beyond visibility and putting our words into action. Across the country and internationally there has been an increased visibility of our Transgender and GNC communities. Moving beyond visibility and putting our words into action. The evening will include fabulous entertainment, awards, music, food and drinks. Everyone is welcome! Evening attire recommended but not expected.” 5:30pm-8pm, free. SOMArts, SF. More info here

SAT/31 NICKODEMUS Love him so much! The soulful, global beats master who powers the legendary Turntables on the Hudson parties in NYC is back (with “analog visual wizardry” by Zack Rodell, even.) He’ll be joined by the Groovewell DJs for a night that will wear out some shoes. 9:30pm-3:30am, $15-$20. Public Works, SF. More info here. 

SAT/31 KLANGKEUNSTLER Very friendly, danceable deep-tech beats from this young southern German, coming to us by way of Munich. Lovely to have him on the Halcyon sound system. With Jonboy and Adeli. 10pm-4am, $10. Halcyon, SF. More info here

SAT/31 J.PHLIP Tough, bouncy neats from this Bay Area fave, who was a big part of the Dirty Bird crew but now seems to be striking out on her own path. Some of her mixes from the mid-2010s are classics for me. With Bournemouth’s Flava D. 9:30pm-2am, $10. Audio, SF. More info here

SAT/31 DADDY ISSUES The scruffy gayboy UK party was a smash hit when it landed at the Stud a few months ago — this time, it flies out statuesque host Ollywood to complement hometown DJs Kelly Naughton, Taco Tuesday, and Collin Bass. 10pm-4am, $10. the Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/31 SNEAKS Why not follow up your big gay daddy issues with a big gay sportswear fetish? Girl we have all been there. This massive party hits the A.D.I.D.A.S. spot with great DJs Carlos Souffont and Siobhan Aluvalot. Must wear sneakers and sportswear—no jeans or slacks. NO SLACKS. NONE. 10pm-4am, $25. Club Six, SF. More info here.  

SUN/1 AFTERNOON DELIGHT: EASTER FOOLS The cutest Sunday house-disco-techno dance party in Oakland hosts a costume contest, egg hunt, and DJ Sappho! Dance in the sunshine out on the patio and hop like a liquored-up bunny to great tunes. 3pm-8pm, $10. New Parish, Oakland. More info here

Party Radar: The way, way, Wayback Machine

Escort plays Rickshaw Stop, Fri/23

PARTY RADAR I’ve got a horn and I’m gonna toot it! I’ve loved covering SF nightlife, starting way back as an imaginary, omnipresent, somewhat baffling drag queen gossip columnist named Kika YoAss in the mid-1990s, for a little startup called Citysearch. (Twenty years later, Kika came to life, thanks to the magic of Juanita More and Glamamore at their monthly drag makeover party Powerblouse. Never forget!)

Somewhere in the 2000s, I moved to the Bay Guardian with a wee little column called Super Ego, which was weekly when I wasn’t too hungover. Lovey, I can’t even understand half the stuff I wrote back then—but I’m excited to announce that we’ve finally restored a huge portion of the Bay Guardian online archives, including my nightlife musings from 2005-2014.

So if you’re a music scholar looking to see what DJs came through SF back in the heyday of French Touch, minimal house, and hardcore electro (the Bush years were very dark)—or just curious about why I would dedicate an entire column to a product called Ejaculoid, then dive right in: here’s a pair of goggles, and good luck with all those MySpace references.

You’ll also find interviews with Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers (I called her from a port-A-Potty at Folsom Street Fair), Sandra Bernhard, and Madame (yes, the puppet), plus others like Mary Anne Hobbs, Mr. Scruff, Greg Wilson, Amon TobinThe Martinez BrothersBuraka Som Sistema, Pete Tong, Guy Gerber, A Tribe Called Red, Le1f, and even, gasp, Tiësto and Kaskade (both charmingly and surprisingly humble). And of course a billion, zillion locals I adore.

And that’s not even mentioning Na Nach Techno and EpiscoDisco! So if you like my stuff, you just might like more of my stuff. Grazie mille for reading, always. Anyways! 


DJ Tanya Leigh (with Little Foot)

THU/22 TANYA LEIGH Minneapolis rave scene represent! This ace DJ has been on it since 1998 (she was part of the longtime duo Complicit) and is coming in to the Konstruct party to drop some dope, deep Midwest bombs. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground, SF. More info here

THU/22 CLUB BEAUTIFUL: SCIENCE FAIR “HYPOTHESIS: If seven drag performers and one DJ come together at the Elbo Room to perform science experiments on stage, then nothing really ever happened at all.” Finally, the Schroedinger’s Cat of Gender Illusion. 9pm-2am, $10. Elbo Room, SF. More info here.   

THU/22 PHYSICAL THERAPY The head honcho of the Allergy Season “is known for a constantly shifting and abstracted take on club music, from bongo-infused techno to breakbeat science.” Joined by Miagma, Dionysian Mysteries, and Birch Koolman for the new Boomtown party. 10pm-2am, $5. The Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/23 ESCORT The multi-member disco orchestra combined retro glitz with new attitude and stormed the cub scene of the late 00s with big city aplomb and “Cocaine Blues.” Now Escort’s back and ready to roll you round like roller skates. 9pm-1am, $15-$17. Rickshaw Stop, SF. More info here

FRI/23 GREG WILSON An absolute legend who gets me right in the feels every time. The first DJ to mix live on British TV in the 1970s, who later came roaring back with an incredible slew of disco edits (and his patented reel-to-reel effects machine). Essential. 9:30pm-3am, $10-$20. Great Northern, SF. More info here

FRI/23 JUS-ED + DJ QU Classic New Jersey deep house feeling brought by two classic new Jersey personalities who will get freaky on the decks. Last time I saw these guys—yep, Jus-Ed got on the mic, too—I was taken by the spirit somewhere far away I’d never been before. 10pm-4am, $10. F8, SF. More info here.  

FRI/23 MIKE GUSHANSKY Awesome LA techno DJ (and local favorite—he’s part of the As You Like It crew) plays one of the neatest little parties around, Outpost. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground, SF. More info here.  

DJ Eric Bloom of Harder

SAT/24 HARDER SF You don’t always go into a gay party expecting some great music, but when I visited promoter Ricardo Tavares’ party in NYC last fall, I knew I wanted to see it come here. DJ Eric Bloom keeps it steamy deep but super-interesting (touches of robotic Italo Disco and Brazilian funk, sparkling keyboard digressions), with tempos set to sizzle, and the cute boys know what to do. 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

SAT/24 STACY PULLEN Deep and tribal techno tracks for days and a pounding yet still very danceable tempo from this beloved second-wave techno legend. 9:30pm-2am, $10. Audio, SF. More info here

SAT/24 LOVE HANGOVER WITH MIGUELITOOOO I was heartbroken when this cutie moved to Mexico City, but am so glad he’s coming back to spin at this lovely afternoon disco affair at the bear bear (with free BBQ, natch). 3pm-8pm, $5. Lone Star Saloon, SF. More info here

SAT/24 SQUIRRELS ON FILM This great local label and act is at the very forefront of infusing techno and IDM with heady psychedelia. They will trip you out in a witchy way, but not in a corny way. With Lokier, Solar, C.L.A.W.S., Mozhgan, and Its Own Infinite Flower, plus visuals by Michele Armstrong. 10pm-2am, $10-$15. F8, SF. More info here.  

SAT/24 MARK FARINA + HOMERO ESPINOSA Two house heroes celebrate their birthday with a huge hurrah at Halcyon. With The SyntheTigers and Ivan Ruiz. 10pm-4am, $10-$20. Halcyon, SF. More info here

SUN/25 SSION Opening for the great Beth Ditto on her tour, Ssion is one of the most intriguing performers (and video artists — who else would stuff one of our gay porn hometown heroes, Adam Ramzi, into their latest video, not to mention Ariel Pink in drag). Do not miss a gender-bending, highly affecting, danceable spectacle. 7pm, $25-$30. Regency Ballroom, SF. More info here.   

SUN/25 BOOB TUBE: STEVEN UNIVERSE OMG this is a drag/cosplay party celebrating the most adorable Cartoon Network show, with performances, contests, dancing, and more. Last Boob Tube sent up Sailor Moon, and it was glorious. 10pm-2am, $5-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here

SUN/25 SUNSET SEASON OPENER AFTERPARTY It’s that time — the great Sunset Sound System Season Opener party/picnic that takes over Stafford Lake Park in Novato, 11am-7pm, lets us know that spring is here at last. Also essential is the afterparty at Monarch, always full of extra special surprises. 8pm-2am, $10. Monarch, SF. More info here

Party Radar: Wednesday is the new Saturday

Wednesdays get wild at Housepitaloty.

PARTY RADAR I don’t wanna make too big a deal about it, because I love the close family vibe—but what the hell, if you aren’t out club-hopping on Wednesday nights in San Francisco, you’re missing some of the best DJs and most adventurous clubs on offer. Here’s a brief rundown of my favorite Wednesday weeklies:

MUTANTE From psycho-rave to womb-pulsing bass, the hot weirdos (Xango, NOFI, and Tom Ass) behind this weekly Lone Star Saloon jam get off on otherworldly obscurities, with awesome theme nights like “Amyl House” and “Thot Night.” 

KOSMETIK Hero technoists Matthew Paul and Jordee (who also curates the monthly Mixed Forms party, happening Sat/17), host some insanely talented international and local players to lay down cutting-edge techno tracks at the Stud. 

HOUSEPITALITY The grand-daddy of midweek rave-ups, going on for almost 10 years now and bringing in some of the biggest names in house, techno, and bass. Those names, however, don’t kill the intimate vibe, present even when 400 people are lined up out the door. (And the Housers make sure to book a ton of locals.) I do love this party so much.

BONDAGE A GO-GO A polyamorous playpen that features killer tunes and actually interesting go-gos. The weekly just celebrated its 25th anniversary (!!!)—it’s just behind out longest-running weekly club, Death Guid, in that respect—and offers a fantastic space for all body types and body lusts. Go get hog-tied! (Or just oscillate wildly.) 

So go out already!


Ambrosia Salad may have moved to LA, but she’ll be forever frozen in Gooch’s amber.

FRI/16 SMOKE AND MIRRORS: THE NIGHTLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY OF GOOGH Goochis everywhere on the scene, and I cannot wait to see his photos of incredible drag and party moments. “Smoke + Mirrors explores performances from the sublimely beautiful to the beautifully grotesque!” 6pm-10pm, free. Ravot Gallery, SF. More info here

FRI/16 TWO ANNIVERSARIES, ONE PARTY I’ll be playing some extra-special ’80s tunes at this party for the GLBT Historical Society (celebrating 33 years) at the GLBT History Museum (celebrating lucky seven years). Drag goddess Landa Lakes performs.  Come support! 7pm-9pm, $10. GLBT History Museum, SF. More info here

FRI/16 JOSH WINK The sock-hatted guru of rave has gone through a few evolutions, but has always kept his distinct ear for quality party techno. “Higher States,” still bangs, of course. 10pm-4am, $20. Monarch, SF. More info here

FRI/16 RØDHÄD Sure it’s cliche, but imagine a mighty bearded Viking pounding at your viscera with up-to-the-minute techno, and you’ll have an accurate description of this German festival fave. He’s actually very sweet and keeps it underground, tho. With Jason Kendig. 9:30pm-4am, $20. Great Northern, SF. More info here.  

FRI/16 MAKEOUT PARTY Pucker up, queers: another monthly installment of the lip-locking dance party is upon us. With two DJs I adore, Elaine Denham and Robin Malone Simmons. 10pm-2am, $10. the Eagle, SF. More info here

FRI/16 CREATURE Amazing party full of fluid genders, sloppy genres, fantastical outfits, demonic drag, and so much more. Basically The Shape of Water set in Liquid Sky. This month’s theme? Future/Present with Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum. 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.   

SAT/17 MATMOS The insanely creative duo helmed SF’s experimental-electronic scene in the 1990s, went on to tour with Bjork and drag pianos across the desert, make an album with a washing machine, and all kinds of thing-a-ma-jigs. A rare appearance by two of my favorite musical minds. 8pm-11pm, $10. San Francisco Conservatory of Music. More info here.  

SAT/17 COURTESY The Mixed Forms party stands by its name, bringing together people from all over the scene for some of the most interesting music. This month: Danish sensation Courtesy brings her impeccable selections to the deck. 10pm-4am, $15. The Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/17 BONDAX When these young Brit brothers popped up on the scene several years ago I was obsessed with the way they rode the popular R&B house wave to wonderfully uplifting and unique shores. Glad they’re back, cannot wait to hear what they’re up to. 9:30pm-2am, $10-$25. Audio, SF. More info here

SAT/17 ESSAIE PAS “Essaie Pas will be a godsend if you like pulsating electronic dance music past and present, from Sheffield to Dusseldorf and beyond: the dystopian synth-futurism of early Human League, Cabaret Voltaire circa Sensoria, Propaganda’s Teutonic lullabies, Giorgio Moroder’s theme from Midnight Express.” Bring it. 9:30pm-3am, $15. Monarch, SF. More info here

SAT/17 FRINCE ST. PATRICK’s DAY BASH I had to throw a St. Paddy’s Day party in, duh. Join DJs Blondie K & subOctave at Madrone for one of the most fun indie dance parties in town, with tons of giveaways and singalongs. Oh, and free green glow rings. 9pm-2am, $5. Madrone, SF. More info here

SAT/17 DADIVERSARY WITH CARRIEONDISCO Too-cute DJs Kelly Naughton and Michael Romano have been throwing their too-cute gay DAD disco party at too-cute Driftwood bar for a full year, and they’re bringing in the incredible CarrieOnDisco to set the decks aflame. 9pm-4am, $5-$10. Driftwood, SF. More info here

SAT/17 SURFACE TENSION LATE NIGHT One of our sharpest-eared techno crews is presenting “a two-room, all-night dance party featuring its four resident DJs selecting left-of-center electronic music well into the wee hours of the morning.” This will close out the CounterPulse Festival with a bang. 11:30pm-6am, $10. CounterPulse, SF. More info here

SAT/17 BEATPIG Um. “Legend has it that St. Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland with his shaft. Funny, at this party there’s plenty of shafts being swung at snakes, too!” 10pm-2am, $5 benefits Transgender Law Center. Powerhouse, SF. More info here.  

SUN/18 DISCO DADDY SYLVESTER TRIBUTE DJ Bus Station John knows how disco divas inside and out, and his legendary Sylvester tribute nights bring out not just the familiar bangers but rare grooves our #1 hometown soul sister gifted us before his departure. 7pm-2am, $5-$7. Eagle, SF. More info here.

SUN/18 DAYTIME REALNESS Air out your wig, let your makeup dry naturally, and get a little flush in those cheeks, as our daytime drag party returns, with DJs Stanley Frank, Siobhan Alovalot, and Vin Sol. 2pm-8pm, $10. El Rio, SF. More info here.  

SUN/18 BRUNCH WITH NIC FANCIULLI AND SKREAM Not sure who will be eating, but this Midway daytime party with one of techno’s big names and post-dubstep poster-boy Skream should be banging. 11am, $15-$25. Midway, SF. More info here

Party Radar: The Mutek cometh

Amon Tobin's groundbreaking ISAM stage show debuted at Mutek Montreal in 2011

PARTY RADAR Festival season is coming hard upon us, even if that means May—pre-sale tickets are already available for the magickal, mystickal, musick-loaded, 19th annual How Weird Street Faire, happening May 6 (and yes, it’s no longer free: $20 at the door, $15 presale to keep it all going). And if you are queer and woodsy you will definitely want to dance for a full, wiggy weekend at the Gays Hate Techno Spring Gathering, May 3-6.

Welp, as if that weekend weren’t packed enough, along comes a local installment of one of the best and most adventurous “big name” electronic music festivals, MUTEK. The 18-year-old Montreal phenomenon usually serves, for techno jet-setters, as a perfect experimental and ambient comedown from the massive Detroit Movement Festival every May/June. Now the brand is expanding to the West Coast with recently announced MUTEK San Francisco, May 3-6. (Mutek has already expanded to Mexico City, still crying I couldn’t be there, and Japan.) 

Now, you know me, I would usually go off about franchises coming in to take over the local scene, especially with such direct competition. But MUTEK.SF has gone out of its way to ground its programming in local players—in the first wave lineup announcement, I count almost a dozen, mixed in with international favorites like Derrick May, Tim Hecker, and Telefon Tel Aviv. So far a little light on women and queer folk; let’s see what’s coming. Early Bird Passport tickets are on sale now

About electronic music festivals: We already have the great San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, usually in September, which is as experimental and full of the unexpected as Mutek was in its thrilling infancy. Last year, the As You Like It crew put on the Unabridged festival, which spanned both sides of the bay. RIP to the great Love Parade, which started out as a franchise here in, oh, 2004? And then went through a few LoveFest iterations with diminishing returns before petering out in 2009. Oh hey, and anyone remember the Summer Music Conference?

But mostly our dance festivals have been street fairs like How Weird (which has single-handedly kept our classic drum ‘n bass, funky techno, and Lower Haight rare groove scenes in mind) and Folsom Street Fair, which for a golden moment was a powerhouse of live acts and DJs, although it seems to have backed off of that with new management. And then of course there’s Burning Man, which long ago became a music festival.

MUTEK.SF will fill the current night-time gap of “danceable and interesting” agglomerations, bringing together names and NAMES, for a weekend that already looks pretty major. 


THU/8 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IN THE BAY A benefit for migrant famworkers featuring a stellar lineup: ALIA, Arula, Dj Dakini, FELA KUTCHii, femmelectric, Lily Ackerman, Rachel Torro, rayreck, Symonne, and DJ Umami. 9pm-2am, $10. 1015, SF. More info here

THU/8 PUFF It’s a marijuana drag party for queers and others who work and love the cannabis field – plus a raffle with amazing prizes. Tons of performers! 7pm-9pm, $5-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here.   

THU/8 DIRECT TO EARTH: INNER ORBIT Three excellent players at this great techno party, including Cory Simpson (Seattle), Experimental Housewife (SF, killing it), and Valentin Ginies (Berlin). 9pm-2am, free. F8, SF. More info here. 

FRI/9 DEEPBASS Deep (duh), hypnotic techno that will tickle the tympanum of anyone into classic Berlin sounds from this Barcelonan. 9pm-4am, $12-$15. F8, SF. More info here. 

FRI/9 KASSEM MOSSE & TIN MAN The As You Like It and Parameter parties join forces to bring in two of my faves:German Kassem Mosse makes deep-thinking, deep-moving techno, while the Finnish Tin Man kills it in the acid zone. Both are doing live sets woo-weeee. 9:30pm-4am, $15-$20. Public Works, SF. More info here

FRI/9 VIVVY’S GRAND OPENING: PAGEANT PAGEANT Huzzah! The weirdest drag night ever is hosting a pageant featuring like 8000 queens. Looks, smarts, and talent, people! 10pm-4am, $10. the Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/10 MARCH TO REMEMBER AND RECLAIM QUEER SPACES We just lost the Gangway (although there’s a plan to bring it back!) Join drag goddess Juanita More, Mark Leno, and the GLBT Historical Society on this walkabout through formerly super-queer Polk Gulch, “laying black wreaths at the sites of former queer spaces in the historic LGBT district.” 4pm-6pm, meet at the site of the Gangway, SF. More info here

SAT/10 A GUY CALLED GERALD The early British techno master who created the times “Voodoo Ray” and Black Secret Technology gets his acid house on at the Midway all night. Yazzzzzzid! 10pm-3:30am, $17. The Midway, SF. More info here

SAT/10 DJ JAZZY JEFF “What happens when three of the best DJs in the Bay Area joins one of the world’s most magnificent in one room with four turntables and two mixers? Prepare to find out as master decknician DJ Jazzy Jeff (West Philadelphia born and raised) joins Goldie Award-winning Miles Medina, Red Bull 3style champ J Espinosa and bangerz specialist DJ Cuts.” 9pm-3am, $20-$25. Great Northern, SF. More info here.  

SAT/10 NON STOP BHANGRA One of our best and most diverse monthly parties brings in bhangra biggie Jassi Sidhu from the UK to dazzle. All the whirling colors! 9pm-2am, $20. Public Works, SF. More info here

SAT/10 STUDIO 5’4″ This is a hot dance party for short gay guys and the people who adore them. With DJ Suppositori Spelling. 10pm-2am, $5. Lone Star Saloon, SF. More info here

SAT/10 DANNY TENAGLIA Househeads everywhere explode! One of the giants of the progressive scene, doing this for like 40 years now, comes in from NYC. 10pm-4am, $15-$25. Halcyon, SF. More info here

SAT/10 PURIM CARNALVAL 5778 It’s the Jewish festival of Purim, so of course the Stud is throwing a live queer klezmer bash, with Ghost Note Ensemble and a bunch of witches. 10pm-4am, $10-$20 (NOTAFLOF), The Stud, SF. More info here.

SAT/10 MODULAR: JAN BLOMQVIST Berlin-based technoist, famed for his Burning Man sunrise sets, takes over the wonderful Gray Area theater for a live spectacular, presented by the Modular party. 9pm-3am, $25. Gray Area, SF. More info here.  

SAT/10 POUND PUPPY Arf! It’s bone time at this scruffy gay pup party. With DJs Jenniluv form LA and Dicap from NYC. 10pm-2am, $10. The Eagle, SF. More info here.  

SUN/11 DRAG SIDE OF THE MOON I am so down for this: “4 Queens take acid and trip through a psychedelic classic played front-to-back! Watch these queens perform to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety, as they embark on a surreal journey through the depths of the human mind.” Gaymazing. 7pm-9pm, $10. The Stud, SF. 

MON/12 DEATH GUILD 25TH ANNIVERSARY Holy sepulchers, bat girl! Our longest-running weekly party is turning, ulp, 25, and it’s ready to rise from the glamorous grave. Supercool dark rave and industrial goth classics always draw a unique crowd. This one has a death-drop of a lineup as well. Congrats, Death Guildians! 9pm-3am, $5-$10. DNA Lounge, SF. More info here.   

Party Radar: Keep it together, tear it apart

South Africa's Culoe De Song plays Monarch, Sat/3

PARTY RADAR Even the fish were saved! The saga of the city’s oldest gay bar, the Gangway in the Tenderloin, began a new chapter on Monday, as volunteers gathered to preserve the bar’s preciously campy maritime accouterments before the location is demo’ed to become another bar. (Apparently, reported plans for it to become a Kung Fu-themed laundromat are not to be realized. Alas?) 

Members of the Stud Collective and Q Foundation (which is helping to organize the nation’s first Transgender Cultural District in the Tenderloin) joined politician/nightlife fan Bevan Dufty, organizer Nate Allbee, and some people who actually have construction experience to take apart the bar and store its parts until a collective of investors can be formed (much like the Stud’s) to help reopen the bar in another location. 

Nat Allbee stands in the famous, now-salvaged Gangway boat.

“The fish have been rescued,” said Allbee of the cute little aquarium that greeted customers at the door of the 107-year-old establishment, which was first cited for same-sex dancing in 1911. Other legendary pieces, like the boat that hung over the door (which may or may not have contained an urn of a long-gone queen’s ashes), a ship’s wheel, and some colorful statuary are now stored and ready to set sail again someday. 

Retrieving historical artifacts from the Gangway location.
Members of the Stud Collective and Q Foundation bring the ship’s wheel to storage.
Bevan Dufty with a friend.

If you’d like to know more about how you can help save this institution, email [email protected].

SAVING DOC’S CLOCK’S SIGN In an intense landlord dispute a couple years ago, classic 67-year-old bar Doc’s Clock not only ended up having to move two blocks away from its original location, but it looked like it would also lose custody of its iconic neon sign.

That would have been tragic, since it’s such a classic Mission fixture. (he first bar I went to when I moved here in the early ’90s was Doc’s, and the sign was burned into my young and tremulous retinas.) Fear not however, for owner Carey Suckow has regained control the sign—but it’s going to take at least 20,000 to move and install it at the new location.   

So yes, there is gong to be a huge fundraiser at the bar, 5pm-10pm on Fri/2, including a raffle for prizes from great local businesses, and you can even snag a snazzy Fernet bike. (Do you drink it? Do you ride it? Both? Who knows? Find out!) There’s also a GoFundMe campaign if you can’t make it out. Save the sign


FRI/2 DESPERATE LIVING: NIGHT OF 1000 COURTNEYS! Lorde help us, this queer punk rock extravaganza is calling all drag Courtney Loves to come out and rock out with live band the Younger Lovers. 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.   

FRI/2 CHEM CLUB: FLORIAN KUPFER Chem Club is a new “record label, party, and after school science experiment”—and here it comes, beakers and all, with Berlin DIY house hero Florian Kupfer and his “tape-saturated” style. With Privacy. 10pm-4am, $10. F8, SF. More info here.  

FRI/2 MADTEO “Voracious culturilizer. Lover of cheap vinyl, producer of exquisitely odd records, mind-bending conversationalist.” OK that’s a personal ad I would jump at—luckily this Queens wiz will give you plenty to jump to, at one of our best record stores/party spots. 8pm-midnight, $5-10. RS94109, SF. More info here. 

FRI/2 RENT CONTROL A cheap-ass dance party with some awesome (and awesome-looking) DJs, including Juanita More, Steve Fabus, Mark O’Brien, Trevor Sigler, and more. 9pm-3:30am, $5. Public Works Loft, SF. More info here

SAT/3 GO BANG! DJ Bus Station John is the special guest at this fabulous monthly disco journey, full of glittery vibe and glistening faces. Happy birthday DJ Prince Wolfe! 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/3 CULOE DE SONG South African house has been my go-to for peace and respite for the last decade, and we’ve been blessed to have key players like Black Coffee and Culoe de Song visit us. Culoe gets so deep you’ll be swimming in yourself. 9:30pm-4am, $20. Monarch, SF. More info here.  

SAT/3 BONOBO Gah, I adore this Brit’s super-enthralling, fractured-bass DJ sets. He’ll be perfect at the cavernous Midway, with Panther Du Prince and Birds of Rhythm. 9pm-2am, $25. Midway, SF. More info here.  

SAT/3 CLUB CHAI The wonderfully queer immigrant global techno crew celebrates the release of founder 8uletina’s “Eucalytpus” EP — with fellow DJs Foozool, Nihar, and more. 8pm-2am, $10-$15. Alena Studio, Oakland. More info here

SAT/3 POWERBLOUSE Each month, drag goddesses Juanita More, Glamamore, and Voodana Black select a drag newbie and give them the makeover of a lifetime, live onstage,   while people dance to good music. This month is one of my favorite club kids, Johnathan Xavier. Yes, queen, yes! 10pm-2am, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here. 

SAT/3 HARDER FASTER BETTER STRONGER Dancing to the classics of the 2000s is hard(er) but fun(ner) work! Now try it with the lights out! This is the “Blacklight Blackout” edition of this too-cute monthly party, so wear something glowy(er). 9:30-2am, $5. Slate, SF. More info here

SAT/3 CLUB LEISURE: 2TONE MADNESS Skank it out, rude boy, rude girl to the timeless sounds of the 2Tone label at this tip-top BritPop party, with DJs Kirk and Omar, and a special Smiths room in the front! 10pm-3am, $10. Cat Club, SF. More info here

Party Radar: Mexican Jihad, Ben UFO, Galaxy Radio…

Mexican Jihad plays the Stud, Sat/24

PARTY RADAR Hello from Detroit, where I’m currently warmer than y’all are in the Bay, because climate change is happening and weird! Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s recommended parties so I can get back to giving into some underground techno with all these hipsters who have invaded downtown Motown lately. And yet, the FOMO is so real. Please represent me at the following SF…


THU/22 BEN UFO Noisepop is in full effect, with more tasty nightlife offerings than ever. Mindblowing Brit techno hero Ben UFO lands with beloved Gerd Jansen and our own goddess of dark, mystic grooves, Mozhgan. 8pm-late, $25-$30. Great Northern, SF. More info here.  

FRI/23 BLACK FRIDAYS: WAKANDA FOREVER Round out Black History Month with a drag show dedicated to the Black Panther blockbuster + all-night dancing. All are welcome to celebrate queer performers of color. 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/23 LINDSTRØM The king of cosmic disco returns from his glowing Norwegian throne to throw down (and make us nostalgic for headier dance floor days). 9:30pm-late, $15. The Midway, SF. More info here. 

FRI/23 WRONG WAY WEEKLY: RISHY One of our underground techno scene’s most familiar faces, but rarest of DJs, finally steps behind the decks of this cute party to show us what he’s soaked up at all those international events. 9pm-2am, free. Driftwood, SF. More info here

FRI/23 DEVELOPER Two incredible parties, Direct to Earth and Robot Ears, team up to bring in this Berlin technoist from the Modularz label, with some ace backing from Jeff Derringer of Chicago’s legendary Smart Bar, Patrick Gil, and Jean-Phillipe. 9pm-4am, $15.50. F8, SF. More info here.     

FRI/23 GALAXY RADIO Brilliant Italodisco party returns with Oakland’s Wonja—who specializes in a melancholic strain of the dance genre—plus DJML and DJ 1€ PIC SLEEVE. 9pm-2am, free. The Knockout, SF. More info here.  

FRI/23 DJ HARVEY He brought disco to a whole new audience by taking a devil-may-care punk rock attitude and some giant risks with his selections. He’s still golden, don’t miss this huge collaboration with the Surface Tension and Housepitality parties. 10pm-3am, $25-$30. 1015, SF. More info here.

FRI/23 CLUB LONELY Do not go to this party. And definitely don’t dance all night to the best house music you will hear with a wonderful crowd for its third anniversary. It is all bad, bad, bad. No! 10pm-2am, $10. Club OMG, SF. More info here. 

FRI/23 TERRENCE PARKER A master of Detroit techno comes in with his Supernature project featuring fellow producer, DJ, and vocalist Merachka. 9:30pm-2am, $10-$15. Monarch, SF. More info here

SAT/24 MEXICAN JIHAD The Mexico City underground bass-reggaeton scene is on fire right now, full of radical politics and incredible queer creativity. This member of the N.A.A.F.I. Crew drops in to school us on what’s happening, presented by Molly House Records. 10pm-4am, $12-$15. The Stud, SF. More info here.  

Octo Octa

SAT/24 POLYGLAMOROUS WITH OCTO OCTA Another third anniversary, this time around for the lovely scruffy burner-meets-queer Polyglamorous monthly extravaganza, bringing in one of my absolute favorite people and killer DJs, Octo Octa, to slay ya with some juicy house goodness. 10pm-4am, $10-$15. F8, SF. More info here.   

SAT/24 SUNSHINE JONES Very classic SF house, presented in a lush “Garden of Eden” environment, as the Garden Party transforms Monarch into loveliness with Sunshine of Dubtribe Sound System on the decks. 9:30pm-2:30am, $10-$20. Monarch, SF. More info here

SAT/24 TOMMY CORNELIS Washington DC’s NeedlExchange crew is the underground queer techno jam, and this very talented representative will be making gay bear party Bearracuda’s 500th installment all hot and sweaty. 9pm-2am, $7-$10. Eagle, SF. More info here

SAT/24 GUY J  I admit it, I love contemporary emotive-progressive house, and this Israeli practitioner and prolific producer is the absolute best at it. Should be spectacular on the Audio soundsystem, too. 10pm-4am, $10-$30. Audio, SF. More info here. 

SAT/24 LOVE HANGOVER Dance all day to disco and house in a bear bar with cute DJ Kelly Naughton + Lotus Disco + Justime! Drink! Rub some bellies! 3pm-9pm, $5. Lone Star Saloon, SF. More info here

SUN/25 PASTEL GORE “Pastel Gore is an all-new nightlife experience where nerdy drag and filthy, horror drag collide. Pull out your Silph Scopes and put on some heels, because this month we are taking you on a journey through Lavender Town, the most haunted location in the Pokémon World. Whether you’re a Pokémon Master or a Pokémon Sub, watch your shadow… before your shadow starts to watch you.” Eek! 10pm-2am, $5-$10 sliding scale. The Stud, SF. More info here

Party Radar: Mardi Gras, huzzah!

Photo from Carnaval 2017 by Marco Sanchez

PARTY RADAR We’re more Carnaval than Mardi Gras folks around these parts when it comes to celebrations of … wait, what does Fat Tuesday celebrate again? But Carnaval isn’t until May, and hey, considering how much of SF’s population surprisingly comes from New Orleans, of course we’re not going to pass up an opportunity to get dressed up and drunk. 

 Luckily, the Carnaval folks are hosting a huge Carnaval San Francisco Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Kick-Off Party (Tue/13, 6pm-10pm, free) at 17 venues across the Mission. Its kind of like a giant block party, except it will take place in venues serving booze, which, yay!

Live samba drummers and feather-bestrewn dancers will wend their way through spots like Make-Out Room, Latin American Club, El Rio, Pop’s Bar, Bissap Baobab, Cha Cha Cha, and more to brighten up your Hurricane slushie season. 

Other cute things on Tue/13: New Orleans percussionist legend Zigaboo Modaliste comes to the Chapel; there’s an awesome-looking block party in the Fillmore, a neighborhood with deep roots in New Orleans; the North Beach Brass Band livens up Biscuits & Blues; and OF COURSE there is going to be a Mardi Gras rave at Great Northern with the Opel crew, why not?  

DJ Anna Morgan plays 1015 Folsom, Fri/9


THU/8 PUFF It’s a monthly queer marijuana appreciation drag happy hour for everyone! Join 48 Hills and Queers Love Weed for blast of drag and cabaret performance, plus DJ Sergio and lots of news about new local cannabis products. 7pm-10pm, $5-$10 (enters you into a raffle to win cool stuff). The Stud, SF. More info here.  

THU/8 EXCISE: MILKPLANT, MAX GARDNER, MUON I love our local techno heads, and these three are superb. Excise is the record label—it just released Max Gardner’s subterranean whipper “Mona Loops,” for which this is the release party. On top of all that, this is a Direct to Earth party, which makes everything extra all right. 9pm-2am, FREE. F8, SF. More info here

FRI/9 SNEAKER Wierdo new wave and Italo disco jams from this Dresden DJ favorite, who releases some great thonking edits under his Dunkeltier moniker. With DJ Lily Ackerman and Birds of Rhythm in the back room. 9pm-12am, $10. RS94109, SF. More info here.  

FRI/9 TIJANA T Serbian DJ Tijana T sweeps in to the always stimulating Bloom party from the As You Like It crew. Do not miss opener Eris Drew, a young DJ mystic from Chicago who truly understands old school rave DNA. 9:30pm-4am, $15. Monarch, SF. More info here

FRI/9 JONAH SHARP SF techno legend who freaked out the world as Spacetime Continuum celebrates the sixth anniversary of the Pulse Generator party, with Equilet in tow. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground SF. More info here

FRI/9 ANNA MORGAN Very excited about this free party, an SF pre-launch for Costa Rica’s Envision Festival. NYC’s Morgan (appearing here with global bass maven Thornato) “highlights urban diaspora stories while catering to dance enthusiasts, spanning genres from jungle and footwork to halftime, hip-hop and house,” setting the groove firmly at the juncture of urban and tribal. 10pm-3am, free. 1015 Folsom, SF. More info here

FRI/9 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS “Consumer Electronics is a punk / electro / noise trio comprising ageing renegade Philip Best (ex-Whitehouse), his wife, the US artist Sarah Froelich and acclaimed noise/techno guru Russell Haswell.” Expect avant-garde electronics, twisted beats, and apocalyptic performance poetry. 9:30pm, $20. The Lab, SF. More info here.  

FRI/9 VIVVY’S GRAND OPENING She’s wacky, she’s wild…. she’s always hosting a grand opening! This monthly dragstravaganza from VivvyAnne ForeverMore has a lot of big ideas and a little bit of spit and polish. Don’t miss the go-go debut of club kid Matthew, as “pig in a wig.” 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.  

FRI/9 SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO Crowd-pleasing techno from the well-established London duo that’s taken on a prettier, deeper, dare I say more mature texture since they’ve been relentlessly trotting the globe. 9pm-3:30am, $17-$30. Public Works, SF. More info here.

Non Stop Bhangra returns Sat/10 to Public Works

SAT/10 NON STOP BHANGRA It’s back! Co-winner of Best Dance Party 2017, and one of my favorite things ever, NSB comes back from winter break to get you whirling to irresistible bhangra beats. The dholrhythms dancers and DJ Jimmy Love (plus a bevy of special guests) invite you to share the love and wear red! 9pm-2am, $15-$20. Public Works, SF. More info here

SAT/10 TECHNOCLAM WITH ANASTASIA KRISTENSEN The fabulous Technoclam collective/project/female-world-domination-scheme throws its third party, featuring this Danish DJ who “is an uncompromising force of nature that shifts sounds and tempos at a moment’s notice.” She’s on deck with local techno wiz Christina Chatfield, SF classic Qzen, and ExHouse. 9pm-4am, $12. The Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/10 IF IN WINTER: A RADICAL VARIETY SHOW Raising funds for the family of Paul Clipson, the SF experimental film-maker giant who passed away last weekend. “An evening of short blasts of live performance: music, dance, drag, sound art and more. with a free raffle filled with radical prizes.” 7-9pm, donations requested. Alley Cat Books, SF. More info here.  

SAT/10 PUNK ROCK BENEFIT FOR TENANTS’ UNION “BANDS: Squishers, My Name is Joe starting at 4 pm. BBQ with meat and veggie dogs, rainbow cheese plate, and extras. Free, donations requested by a man with a hat. Or renew your Tenants Union membership.
Our house is under Ellis act eviction, but temporarily safe due to advocates like SFTU and Tenderloin Housing Clinic.” 2pm-6pm, 2822 Folsom, SF. More info here

SAT/10 SECOND HALLOWEEN “Let’s get rid of Valentine’s Day and replace it with second Halloween!” This is the third installment of the anti-V-Day costume extravaganza, with killer tunes from the likes of Charlotte the Baroness and the Brass tax crew, plus an all-vinyl room upstairs. Whee! 3pm-1am, $10-$15. Brix 581, SF. More info here

SAT/10 POUND PUPPY: PUPPY LOVE The hounds of love are out at the ruff and ready monthly queer Pound Puppy party with the wonderful DJ Carrie On Disco headlining. 10pm-2am, $10. The Eagle, SF. More info here

SAT/10 CHAOS IN CBD Charming New Zealand duo bring their chugging, lo-fi sound to the Brouhaha party—and they’re bringing Australia’s Andras with them for some great grooves. 10pm-4am, $20. F8, SF. More info here

Party Radar: Farewell to the city’s oldest gay bar

A picture taken the morning after the Gangway closed. Photo by Darwin Bell

PARTY RADAR I was alerted late on Saturday night that the long-dreaded transfer of the license had occurred: The Gangway, the city’s oldest gay bar (since the 1960s) and one of its oldest overall bars (since 1910) shut down at midnight, its workers informed by text that it was all over. It’s slated to become—what else?—a kung-fu-themed laundromat, owned by the operators of Polk Street meat market Kozy Kar. Yep, the rape-y one, huzzah.  

So many memories have been pouring out about the space—political organizing benders in the 1970s, drag goddess Juanita More performing her heart out there in the 90s, DJ Bus Station John’s legendary Manquake parties, where people danced to vintage disco in the back beneath a constellation of stars on the ceiling (and several young queer politicos got their start go-going semi-ironically).

I still frequented the cozy joint, taking comfort there after the Ghost Ship fire, ducking in for drinks during shows at next-door record store RS94109, and really just to enjoy the old-school ambience and incredibly diverse (and sometimes hilariously salty) regulars. 

Photo of the inside of the bar the day after it closed by Josh Cheon, as owner Jung Lee attempted to collect some of the historical wall hangings for posterity.

DJ Josh Cheon spoke to former owner Jung Lee, who says new owner Sam Young promised to keep the bar intact as the Gangway. (A similar promise was made to drag bar Marlena’s in Hayes Valley when new owners took over, and it was almost immediately stripped to the studs and renamed.) In any case, I will always fondly remember coming in out of the cold Tenderloin hustle for a cheap shot and a free hot dog or scoop of adobo from the crock pot in the corner. Viva La Gangway.

Here’s a shot of Juanita More to see the beloved little pirate-themed bar off. (Now the only gay bars we have in that part of town are Aunt Charlie‘s and The Cinch—please go support! Buy me a drink!)

Juanita More at the Gangway in 1998.

TASTE OF INDIE Sure, sure movies are great, but one of the things I love about SF Indie Fest is the parties. This year at the 20th annual festival, there’s a clutch I’m recommending. And while they’re not quite dance-floor fodder, they’re super-cute (especially for Gen-Xers and their admirers—is that a fetish yet?).

Let’s start with something that isn’t a party, but will send you spiraling into rave visuals flashbacks all the same: an Akira live rescore on February 8. “Using synthesizers, acid basslines, drum machines and audio samples from the film, San Francisco based electronic musical score design duo The Firmament has created a live electronic score to the 1988 cyberpunk anime classic Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo.” Hell yes. 

Also check out: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Bingo on  February 10; an Anti-Valentine’s Day Power Ballad Sing-A-Long on February 14; a “shadow cast” live act-a-long screening of the movie that cemented my childhood crush on John Goodman, The Big Lebowski, this Fri/2;  and, indiest of indie, “The Opening Ceremonies of The Olympic Bad Art Gallery” on February 9, which I think is a very elaborate art opening, but for deliberately bad art? Let’s dance.    


THU/1: GRATITUDE FOR GRACIELA Graciela has been supporting a family of five by working at Gray Area, The Castro Theater, and several other places. She’s an amazing member of the community and positive force — but has now been forced from her home. This fundraiser aims to help her get new housing for herself and her family, and features an all0-star DJ cast, including Jackie House, CZ, and Trevor Sigler. 6pm-11pm, donations requested (you can also donate here.) Gray Area, SF. More info here.  

THU/1: INTERSECTION Fabulously out there techno from local stars Russell E.L. Butler and TOPAZU, as part of the Intersection party series  that brings together both sides o the Bay. 10pm-2am, $5-$7. The Stud, SF. More info here

FRI/2: DESPERATE LIVING ANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY ‘Tis the season for some good ol’ funk rock kick-in-the-teeth romantic cynicism. Queer punk rock monthly Desperate Living is a hoot (and John Waters approved!), this time featuring DJ Rose Gold, live set by Rose Hips, and tons of crazy drag performances. 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.  

FRI/2: HVOB Live electronic music with vocals and an onstage drummer may not be a new notion, but duo Anna Müller and Paul Wallner make some really lovely tunes together, part-way between pop and contemporary progressive. The Modular party hosts. 9pm-2am, $20-$35. Mezzanine, SF. More info here

FRI/2: D.A.N.C.E.: A BLOG HAUS NIGHT Welp, we’re finally retro-using the late 2000s, doesn’t it feel great? And while we have several very fine indie dance nights happening (including like five Daft Punk tributes!), this one really nails that ancient blog haus feeling, partly because it’s a party based in LA, and partly because it’s headlined by electro star of yore Them Jeans. 9pm, $10. Rickshaw Stop, SF. More info here

FRI/2: NEUD PHOTO The Vague Terrain party again gives us something intriguing: “Neud Photo is Nico Nightingale, an Electro/EBM/Wave producer from NYC (originally from Detroit). Joining him for this performance is Cristiano Grimaldi, one half of duo INTRZN.” 9pm-2am, $5-$10. Underground SF. More info here

SAT/3: KAFANA BALKAN 11TH ANNIVERSARY One of my all-time favorite parties is over a decade old??? Wow. Find yourself whirling and stomping to live and rare Balkan beats in a super-enthustiatic crowd — this edition features ana amazing show: Inspector Gadje Brass Band joined by Macedonian Roma clarinet maestro Ismail Lumanovski, and the always charming DJ Zeljko. 9pm-2am, $18-$20. Rickshaw Stop, SF. More info here.   

SAT/3: HARD FRENCH WINTER BALL This annual queer classic soul throwdown is THE season event for dressing up and getting down. This year features disco dive Thelma Houston (“Don’t Leave Me This Way”) and a fabulous DJ cast including Bus Station John, carnitas, and Brown Amy. Sold out online, but tickets at the door if you come early! 9pm-2am, $25. Gray Area, SF. More info here.  

SAT/3: THE HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER LOVEFEST This is one of those great indie dance parties I mentioned above. “Modern day Indie & Electro meets classic Electronica from the 90s/2000s” with DJ Damon and tons of free dlow-in-the-dark prizes and five-foot aliens (?). 9pm-2am, $5. Slate, SF. More info here.  

SAT/3: DEECEE’S SOUL SHAKEDOWN A classic party! Jah Warrior Shelter and more celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday in a room full of groovers and skankers. Roll ’em up. 9pm, free with RSVP here. Mezzanine, SF. 

SAT/3: GO BANG! Disco DJ legend Lester Temple joins young Jim Collins at this insanely cute monthly disco romp, full of familiar and friendly faces. 10pm-3am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here

SAT/3: POWERBLOUSE Castro District Supervisor candidate Rafael Mandelman is going to do drag for the first time, eek! Every month, drag legends Juanita More and Glamamore pick a willing newbie and dress them up live on stage. Plus dancing with DJ Rolo. It all benefits the Q Foundation. 10pm-2pm, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here

SAT/3: SO TOUGH A night of “all hammer no bammer” — but not really so scary as that. Erica (formerly known as post-witch house maven demon gay) performs live after too-long an absence, with Viewfinder and Controlled Absence. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground SF. More info here