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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Tagged with: AIDS

SF’s film fest season heats up with bountiful Latino and African gems

Cine+Mas and BAMPFA host two annual favorites. Plus: Yugoslav 'Black Wave' director Zelimir Zilnik retrospective

Screen Grabs: Getting warm and fuzzy over ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Aliens’

Plus: Recalling the erotic thriller craze, creepy 'Good Boy,' terrifying 'Klondike,' cute 'Aristotle and Dante,' more

‘Sylvester, the Mighty Real’ chases SF’s soul through city streets

Marvin K. White and Eye Zen's dramatic walking tour beatifies the queer singer, but dances around a central conflict

World’s longest poem gets a speedy, sassy retelling in ‘Mahābhārata’

At Z Space, J Jha shines as production's sole interpreter of boundless Indian mythology.

‘Queerstory’ takes on LGBTQ history erasure in seven acts

Stories of Hays Code-era gay Hollywood star and trans Civil War veteran find varying degrees of success on stage.

Donna Sachet and a pizza with everything: ‘Sunday’s a Drag’ returns, fabulously

With a new venue (Club Fugazi), new food, and a slate of seasoned performers, the musical drag brunch hits the spot

Glamour of the Spheres: Mrs. Vera’s queer survival, in glorious adornment

Michael Johnstone and David Faulk tell the story of their indelible style creations in ' The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook'

Screen Grabs: Black trans sex workers speak their truth in ‘Kokomo City’

Plus: Queer exuberance in 'The Unabridged Mrs. Vera's Daybook' and romantic fumbling in 'Shortcomings' and 'August'

In ‘As We Go,’ Joe Goode Performance Group dances into the beauty of life’s end

The choreographer continues to put 'an emphasis on the unglamorized body, when it is fallible or agitated or inept'

SF’s radical Asian American legacy shines in ‘Dreaming People’s History’

Images from the International Hotel struggle to the post-George Floyd resistance educate while they inspire.