Stories about CPMC

Ed Lee’s development legacy and the end of ‘balanced growth’

A serious reflection on how the mayor presided over evictions, displacement, and the greatest economic inequality in modern history

St. Luke’s won’t evict sub-acute patients ….

... but CPMC, which owns the Mission hospital, won't promise to preserve the critical-care beds after the current patients die

Sutter Health to shut down sub-acute care at St. Luke’s

Disabled patients may be forced to move as far away as Sacramento

OPINION: A perspective on Ethics reform

The nonprofit dispute over Prop. C By Larry Bush OCTOBER 30, 2015 -- Some nonprofits, and the newly revived Bay Guardian, are opposing Proposition C, which...

Mayor Lee’s failed housing policies — and how we can demand change in 2015

The mayor's State of the City address stressed housing -- but his actual record is dismal and his proposals won't work   By Calvin Welch JANUARY 15,...

Kaboom! The plan to blow up Candlestick — and the health impacts on the neighborhood

By Tim Redmond JANUARY 7, 2015 – Stand outside of Shirley Moore’s front door and you can see Candlestick Park – easily. The empty stadium...

Big hospitals get tax breaks for community benefits — but don’t earn them

Editor’s note: As Kaiser nurses walk the picket lines (we will be reporting more on the strike later this week) it’s worth noting that...

Judge hears City College case — and schools ACCJC

  By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 – Judge Curtis Karnow heard arguments today on the immensely complicated flurry of litigation in the City College lawsuit,...