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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Tagged with: CPMC

Will the city’s Climate Plan ever happen? Plus: Election Day, tech-worker dorms …

... and shelter politics, the cost of cops, and an embarrassing NYT story. That's The Agenda for June 6-13.

Reforming the recall—and the mayor’s power to appoint elected officials

Plus: What's going on with Mental Health SF, and is CPMC helping with the public-health crisis in the Tenderloin?

Breed’s office denies reality in hearing on Tenderloin state of emergency

There's not much available housing. There's not enough medical care. And the mayor's staff denies that the city even does homeless sweeps. Oh: But the cops are making more busts.

Supes may take another look at Breed’s Tenderloin State of Emergency

Peskin wants another hearing—and there are so, so many questions that still need to be answered.

Supes to ask mayor about corruption

Plus: Hearing on UCSF's hospital expansion plans and the new committee lineup: That's The Agenda for Jan 11-18.

How you can help feed overstressed healthcare workers

The call is out to help overstressed healthcare workers: If you have N95 masks that you have not used or other crucial medical supplies...

Ed Lee’s development legacy and the end of ‘balanced growth’

There is one defining fact about Ed Lee's years as mayor that has been missed in all that has been written about his legacy:...

St. Luke’s won’t evict sub-acute patients ….

The Board of Supes celebrated a significant victory today when California Pacific Medical Center’s director, Dr. David Browner, announced that St. Luke’s hospital will...

Sutter Health to shut down sub-acute care at St. Luke’s

Some 44 patients may be forced as far away as Sacramento and 72 healthcare workers  could lose their jobs since Sutter Health decided to...

OPINION: A perspective on Ethics reform

The nonprofit dispute over Prop. C By Larry Bush OCTOBER 30, 2015 -- Some nonprofits, and the newly revived Bay Guardian, are opposing Proposition C, which...