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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Tagged with: de Young Museum

‘What might the world look like?’: Displaying the breadth of Faith Ringgold’s art and life

Curator Janna Keegan speaks about the 91-year-old artist-activist's breathtaking retrospective at the de Young.

A weaving of worlds: Miguel Arzabe explores ch’ixi

Everyday Bolivian textiles and harvest moon ritual inspire the Oakland artist.

Painter Brett Amory’s shadowy subjects are engulfed in the flow of life

Epic 20-year series 'Waiting' has captured the intangible in the banal; now the Oakland artist is looking toward what's next

Review: In ‘Uncanny Valley,’ disturbing ripples from artificial intelligence

Excellent De Young show reveals technology's ties to oppressive tactics—and art's to the arms trade

Michelle E. Fillmore paints to connect—and manage pandemic emotions

The Oakland photorealist's work depicts mystery, transformation, and the identity crisis imposed by our moment.

How do you represent Black and Latino communities at major museum shows?

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco started its Community Representatives program back in 1992 when it hosted an exhibit of the work of...

Electrifying art of Black Power in ‘Soul of a Nation’

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963–1983 was organized by London’s Tate Museum and traveled to Arkansas, New York,...

At 85, a revered glassblower inspired by SF’s ‘Radiance’

Lino Tagliapietra became an apprentice glassblower in his hometown of Murano, Italy, at 11 years old and was given the title of Maestro when...

Monet’s late bloomers hold surprises at de Young

ART LOOKS Melissa Buron, director of the art division at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco says it’s fitting that the show Monet: The...

Black Panthers, today: A 1968 photo series exploring the activists’ humanity finds significance in 2019

How is the humanity of activists obscured to discredit their movement? San Francisco Art Institute explores the question in “Vanguard Revisited: Poetic Politics &...