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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Tagged with: DocFest

Pam and Judd of ‘Real World SF’ remember LGBTQ trailblazer Pedro Zamora

In 'Keep the Cameras Rolling: The Pedro Zamora Way' the iconic series' duo share why the HIV-positive hero mattered.

Docfest 2021 provides colorful human stories in a year that needs them

Heroic women wrestlers, legendary soul singers, Sparks, and the Space Lady all feature in this year's festival.

Screen Grabs: SF as a longtime ‘refuge for weirdos and artists’

'Tell The We Were Here' remembers. Plus: DocLands guide, Middle East peace goals, Parkland tragedy teens

Indiefest galore! Our guide to the (online) 23rd movie bonanza

80 features and shorts from 20 countries, including Mexican magical realism, black comedy, and 'The Girl in Golden Gate Park'

A man, a plan, a documentary: ‘The Palindromists’

Palindromes read the same forward and back. We learn that in grade school. "Madam, I'm Adam." "A man. A plan. A canal. Panama." "Was...

Screen Grabs: Docfest brings pop-punk, word nerds, Pac-Man, Sleeze Lake, more

With no end in sight yet for a public health crisis that (thanks to the inimitable bungling of Dear Leader) only other countries are...

Screen Grabs: Great new docs, from global inequality to SF thrash metal

Though the impulse for many during times of stress is to escape into fictional entertainment—or something “stranger than fiction,” like Tiger King—nonfiction can prove...

Screen Grabs: More new flicks for your streaming pleasure

Welcome to Part 2 of our survey of new streaming releases you might be seeing in theaters at present if sanity weren’t currently prevailing—at...

Screen Grabs: Native American Reelism, Bay Area Thrash Metal …

SCREEN GRABS The ever-lengthening annual period known as “awards season” arguably starts this Friday with the arrival of The Goldfinch, which premiered at the Toronto...

Screen Grabs: A gripping dispatch from the heart of Aleppo

SCREEN GRABS No doubt many cineastes in the Bay Area and well beyond will be lining up this weekend for arguably the first interesting mainstream...