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Screen Grabs: Sentiment averse

Our film critic's top picks for new streams this week: 'Boys State' paints an ominous view of our youth, and 'Rebuilding Paradise' tracks a California community rebuilding after devastating flames.

Movies: ‘Around the Sun’ makers bring mumblecore teachings to a château

Writer Jonathan Kiefer tells the unlikely tale of the film's providence.

Screen Grabs: Art imitates life

Get the skinny on the Helmut Newton documentary and the 1986 bikesploitation epic 'Rad', perhaps the movie with the all time widest critic-audience response disparity.

Screen Grabs: The shift evident, women directors rise

The days when a woman’s directorial credit could qualify as a novelty are fading fast. Check our critic's recommendations for new female-led flicks, from 'Yes, God, Yes' to a jampacked Sundance Festival shorts collection.

City quarantine, set to film for the Roxie’s Mixtape-in-Place fest

This year, the theater opened the competition up to youth. What shelter-in-place stories will take flight?

Screen Grabs: Films that pull back the veil

This week's recommendations for movies that expose the country's social inequities, including 'Down and Out in America'; 'Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets'; and a Les Blank double feature.

Screen Grabs: Don’t look away from ‘Decade of Fire’ and ‘The Painted Bird’

Plus: The love triangle of 'Dirt Music' and other new releases skipping the big screens to come straight to your home theater

New restorations of Arthur Bressan Jr.’s films make for porn reborn

Sun-dappled idyllic couplings in the San Francisco filmmaker's 'Passing Strangers' and 'Forbidden Letters' hardly adhere to today's XXXpectations.

Screen Grabs: Welcome to Jewish Film Fest’s online ‘Cinegogue’

Plus: A Hong Kong cinema showcase and Romanian movies in the streaming spotlight.

Too soon for COVID jokes? Shazia Mirza on Zoom comedy and life at home

The stellar UK comedian talks 'Across the Pond Comedy,' onstage diversity—and how she lost her 'Coconut.'