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Screen Grabs: Gimme Shelter, Solo, A Fistful of Dollars….

House of Tomorrow, A Scarlet Diva, First Reformed, and more in cinemas this week.

Screen Grabs: Kim Novak live, Jim Carrey gets scary …

2001: A Space Odyssey returns, a psychologically thrilling Beast, and more in cinemas this week

Screen Grabs: CAAMFest, Sky Hopinka, Hecho en Mexico…

Some swinging movies from the '60s, an engrossingly entertaining Fassbinder series, a campy drag spy flick, and more in cinemas this week.

Natalie Portman boycotts Israeli prize; right wing goes ballistic

So what methods of protest are acceptable if you disagree with Israeli policy in the occupied territories?

Very live, from the Bay Area: Pop-Up Magazine returns with fresh new stories

We talk with the theatrical phenomenon's senior producer about the importance of storytelling in an age of information inundation.

Screen Grabs: RBG, Tully, Sins of the Fleshapoids …

Disobedience, Cold Water, Bye Bye Germany, In the Intense Now, more in cinemas. Plus: Sad news about YBCA's film great program.

Screen Grabs: Grace Jones, Spaghetti Westerns, Ghost Stories …

Lowlife, Cielo, Summer in the Forest, K8 Hardy's Outfitumentary, and more new movies in cinemas this week.

Tenant Troubles: Can my landlord spy on me?

In our surveillance society, a security camera may not be an invasion of privacy.

Screen Grabs: Beirut, A Bag of Marbles, Three Women ….

You Were Never Really Here, Where is Kyra?, and more in cinemas this week.

Jump into the SF International Film Festival midstream!

Don't be overwhelmed by the SFIFF monster: Here are our recommendations for the second half of the sprawling event.