Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: Ford

Screen Grabs: Complex webs of crime—and sometimes punishment

Silk Road tells a sordid tale of drugs and the Internet. Plus: Mafia King, Test Pattern, and a very Wrong Turn

What we saw at Sundance 2021, part 1: Ficks’ Picks at the big fest

Nicolas Cage, Tessa Thompson, Sparks, and a majestic Georgian tree—our annual peek at the giant movie event

In Lisa Levine’s house photographs, an exploration of isolation and comfort

Alameda artist's 'Virtually No Place Like Home' series captures emblems of solitude, change, and personal identity

In ‘Aggie,’ a $100 million inspiration to shrink the carceral state through art and activism

She sold her Liechtenstein to fight mass incarceration: New film documents one woman's "philanthropy by justice not generosity"

4 songs Sofia Coppola dropped with startling cinematic precision

From Lost in Translation's pink panties background notes to the Kiss guitar wank that sidelined Stephen Dorff, here's the director's greatest track deployments.

Inspiration waited for Jingletown artist Fernando Reyes

... and this is what their reunion looks like: eloquent, passionate woodprints and cohesive natural collage.

Screen Grabs: Trans films to the front for Pride

Normally, the Frameline International LGBTQ Film Festival would already be open, though this year COVID-19 has pushed the festival into a smaller online edition running this coming Thursday through Sunday that...

Screen Grabs: A major director quietly remakes the Western

Austerity is not a quality greatly prized in commercial filmmaking. While we may revere them now, it’s worth remembering that such leading cinematic minimalist auteurs as Dreyer and Bresson...

These film revivals prove SF is still a place for movie lovers

Though exhibition is perennially imperiled—the most recent bad news being that after 110 years, the Clay Theatre is no more, the good news that the Opera Plaza has a...

New Music: Stone Foxes polish their rock into ‘Gold’

Through numerous lineup changes over the years, San Francisco outfit The Stone Foxes—playing the Independent Sat/29, as part of Noise Pop 2020—formed in 2005 and have retained a sound...