Stories about Fossil Fuels

The Agenda: A new mayor (maybe?) and and end to fossil-fuel investments

Supes will at least discuss the idea of a caretaker mayor -- and the retirement board might (finally) say no to oil, gas, and coal. That's what's happening Jan. 22-19

The Lexus Lanes — and why they won’t work

Instead of rewarding carpools and getting people out of private cars, we are rewarding wealth and encouraging more people to drive. How does this make sense?

Jerry Brown sides with polluters in key bill

The governor who is challenging Trump on climate change can't seem to challenge the fossil-fuel industry at home

Live from Standing Rock: Oil pipeline rejected near a white town …

But it's okay to threaten the water of Native Americans?

Polar bears and climate change in Vegas

Outside the presidential debate, climate change is an issue. Inside? Not.

The Agenda, Nov. 30-Dec. 6: A climate-change solution in SF?

Could this city lead the way with a carbon tax? And do we need a new jail? By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 30, 2015 – I was...

Censored: Ten big stories the news media ignored

Even in the social-media era, when a small news outlet can create a viral story, some of the biggest news of the past year...

Who pays for the damage the tech boom has done to SF?

We are allowing the industries that make great wealth to avoid paying for the human costs of their actions. That didn't work the last...

‘A water company that skims oil’

Who's watching to make sure that Chevron oil-field wastewater is safe to use for irrigating crops? EDITOR'S NOTE: As we reported earlier this month, it's...

Every argument the mayor has against CleanPowerSF just got demolished. Every single one.

A presentation to the SFPUC CAC showed why the mayor is completely, utterly wrong in every way about the city's clean-power program. By Tim Redmond MAY...