Stories about High School

Young people report holes in foster care safety net

Despite new laws, it's rough going for youth who survive the system

The forgotten legacy of Keith Jackson

He was the swing vote to keep a military recruitment program in the SF schools

Dropping the F bomb

Female drag performer Fauxnique's new show 'The F Word' explores fashionably fierce feminism.

Tom’s Town: Young Dems survive takeover (sort of)

 Plus: Why we should all enroll at City College

The Agenda, Dec. 28- Jan 3: New Year’s resolutions ….

... for everyone else. What we'd like to see in 2016.

The Agenda: Criminal justice takes center stage

Supes will face critical vote on jail as Campaign 2016 begins By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 14, 2015 – Kimberly Alvarenga, as expected, announced her campaign for...

Protesters jam Police Commission meeting

Four hours of testimony challenges chief on Bayview shooting By Sara Bloomberg DECEMBER 10, 2015 -- Enough is enough. That was the rallying cry from the community...

The Agenda, Oct. 12-Oct. 18: Are we really better off after five years of Ed Lee?

The question that isn't getting asked in this mayoral race. Plus: Remembering a deadly case of landlord arson from a much earlier era of...

The Tom and Tim Show: A mayoral non-debate, the mayor and the evictions law …

... and the first LGBT studies class in any high school in America. We talk about the week  

The Agenda, August 24-31: tax money for a non-union hotel?

Plus the next wall on the waterfront -- and a capitalist-tool takedown of the Academy of Art University By Tim Redmond AUGUST 24, 2015 – The...