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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Tagged with: In Training

Beep, beep: Meet your Muni drivers, colorfully illustrated

New art book 'Muni Is My Ride' captures the deeply committed, fundamentally human side of our daily public transport

Screen Grabs: Dance Film Fest leaps onto screen—and out of prison yards

Plus: Carlos Santana's story, Cambodian cinema showcase, 'North by Northwest' in 35mm, and campy hell on wheels

A pro-immigrant ‘sci-fi magical realism human cartoon opera’? Believe it!

For centuries, the United States held true to its reputation as a sanctuary nation, greeting immigrants fleeing unfortunate circumstances back home with the opportunity...

Police-reform advocates push Assembly bill to restrict shootings

Nine hundred ninety-eight. That’s how many people were shot and killed by police in the US in 2018. And 115 of those were in...

Rust Belt SF? Are we doomed by progressive politics?

CNBC calls it a picture of a “dystopian future.” The Chron calls it a vision for “a better San Francisco.” That’s what we get with...

Party Radar: Are you ready for the Cleveland techno invasion?

PARTY RADAR The greater Midwest is central to the story of electronic music in the United States, but it gets short shrift these days:...