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Kim packs housing forum as former LA mayor hints at gov run

Small protest features tents in a sign that Wiener supporters are using homeless people as a wedge issue

Violent arrest by BART Police puts focus on racial profiling

Unarmed African American man punched while handcuffed and on the ground, videos show
San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

A heated battle over tasers in San Francisco

Discussion at criminal justice summit highlights policy issue; doc film on tasers slated for May 31

The Agenda, May 23-29: Amateur hour in the Mayor’s Office …

... plus Due Process for All and the move toward a Public Advocate

Chief Suhr is out — now what?

Mayor says Deputy Chief Toney Chaplin will take over as acting chief; no word yet on a search for a permanent replacement

Another Officer-Involved Shooting In the Bayview

A 27-year old African American woman was pronounced dead after by shot by an SFPD officer.
Protestors and police face off

SFPD’s Rap Sheet: More than 25 scandals since 2015

The recent shootings are not the only problem with SFPD. Check out our interactive investigation of a year of scandals

Day V of hunger strike: Police threaten to arrest hunger strikers, close down toilets and power sockets

The protest outside Mission police station enters it's fifth day; 'You think we are animals and that's how you treat us'

Jail plan moves forward, after protests ….

... But are there really six votes next week for this expensive plan? By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 2, 2015 – Protesters shut down a meeting of...

The “Old Boys Club” is alive and well in SF

Annual Boys Night Out event gathers power players and media elite -- no girls allowed.  By Marke B.  The optics are disastrous. In the picture taken...