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Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Tagged with: Keith Hennessy

With conch and shimmer, a taste of queer fantasy ‘TRY’

At an 'In Process' viewing at Z Space, Circo Zero and Ishmael Houston-Jones' 'deep collaboration' unfurled in a gorgeous atmosphere.

Post-human radical inclusivity, center-stage in ‘Beyond Gravity’

DANCE Choreographer Jess Curtis grew up in Chico and studied dance and English at Cal State there. Then he came to San Francisco, which changed...

Keith Hennessy’s fiercely political, achingly intimate ‘Crotch’ and ‘Sink’

DANCE/PERFORMANCE A pagan drag queen Green Man, sporting a maypole-ribbon corset and tiny Speedo, hopping about madly on stilts? A ferocious clown satire of the...

Coming in FRESH

ONSTAGE The piece Bay Area dancer and educator Amara Tabor-Smith will perform this weekend at the 2017 FRESH Festival explores how capitalism seeks control of black...

Do toy drones dream of an Arab future?

This week at CounterPulse (Thu/15-Sat/17), multidisciplinary artists Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi  come together for future friend/ships, "an idiot’s perspective on violence and despair,...