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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Tagged with: Malia Cohen

Should SF ban the no-knock warrants that lead to Breonna Taylor’s death?

Plus: Juvenile justice, small-business rent relief, and a 'beach-to-the-Bay' bike path. That's The Agenda for Sept. 20-26.

New rules on search warrants moving forward with little public input

The public defender wasn't consulted. The DA wasn't consulted. But the Police Commission wants a major policy change—now.

New leadership at Police Commission

After vice president who refused to put key reform items on the agenda abruptly quits, there's an opportunity for change.

A massive real-estate scam could force counties to give cash rebates to giant commercial landlords

The state Board of Equalization, a little-know agency that among other things oversees local property tax assessors, is about to consider some tax-law changes...

Latest person caught up in scandal was a major political player

Another major player in San Francisco politics in in serious trouble in the ever-widening City Hall scandal. Rodrigo Santos, an ally of former mayors Willie...

Control of SF Democratic Party up for grabs in March

California will for once play a significant role in choosing the Democratic nominee for president, since the state has moved up its primary to...

SF could have a public bank by 2020

San Francisco is moving closer to having its own public bank. Today, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, alongside the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition, gathered on...

Two big (and environmentally awful) projects — and a step toward saving the Mission

The India Basin environmental impact report, which was more-or-less rejected by the supes two weeks ago when the local air board said the construction...

Who supports real rent control — and environmental justice in Bayview?

All 11 supervisors will have to take a public stand Tuesday/2 on Proposition 10, the statewide ballot measure that would allow cities to impose...

Is everyone at City Hall incompetent?

I will stipulate that the BART Station at 16thStreet is dirty. But it seems a bit of a stretch to say that because of...