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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Tagged with: Mirkarimi

Lies, damn lies, and the new ‘report’ on San Francisco government

Ignore the realities of SF politics. Ignore a wide-ranging corruption scandal. Just go after district elections. That's what the Rose Institute, funded by Michael Moritz, is doing.

Evictions, displacement and a discretionary review on the edge of Chinatown

Plus: Will there be real civilian oversight of the Sheriff's Office? That's The Agenda for Aug. 21-28

SF’s economic recovery plan: Trumpism on the local level

It's all about governmental deregulation and public subsidy of private profit -- while ignoring the manifest needs of everyday people.

The money—and endorsements—in District Five

One of the most interesting elements of the D5 supervisorial campaign is challenger Vallie Brown’s website. Check out the tab that says “endorsements.” Most people...

Public toilets—and public corruption

The deepening public works scandal, which now involves political connected permit expediter Walter Wong, appears to have links to a big corporation that has...

Preston leads in D5 fundraising

The first fundraising reports are in for the District 5 race for supervisor, and challenger Dean Preston has collected more money than incumbent Vallie...

Behind the battle for board president

When I was a young reporter at the Bay Guardian, the editor, Bruce Brugmann, told me not to bother writing stories about how “the...

The odd ad in the Chron, the mayor and the homeless sweeps ….

I know that good newspapers keep the editorial and ad departments separate. Good publishers don’t tell their editors to favor one store or restaurant...

Conway funds nasty attack ad on Jane Kim

Ron Conway, the tech titan, plutocrat, and political bully, said in March that he was “too busy” to get involved in the SF Mayor’s race....

Campaign trail: DCCC backs Leno and Kim

The Democratic County Central Committee Wednesday night voted to endorse Mark Leno and Sup. Jane Kim for mayor, leaving the third spot vacant after...