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Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Tagged with: OMI

Planning Commission wants more clarity on building where Chinese immigrants evicted

Panel refuses to approve minutes that lack direct accountability for department and property owners

Evictions, displacement and a discretionary review on the edge of Chinatown

Plus: Will there be real civilian oversight of the Sheriff's Office? That's The Agenda for Aug. 21-28

An ethical landlord calls for more social housing

Why the supervisors should approve $64 million in spending with a veto-proof majority

Landlords seek to evict longtime housing activists

Family with many residential properties claims need for an owner move-in; community organizes to fight back.

Family child care: A real business that makes a big impact on a community

Teaching Behind the Mask: Why FCCs need more resources -- and respect.

Sup. Vallie Brown evicted low-income tenants

Sup. Vallie Brown has a narrative driving her campaign: She had a difficult childhood, faced evictions and homelessness, and is now working to protect...

Behind the ‘dark money’ in the DA’s race

Suzy Loftus, a candidate for district attorney, just sent out a fundraising email complaining that a “dark money” group is pouring money into the...

Tenant Troubles: Can a landlord take down my TV dish?

Editors note: It's hard to be a renter in San Francisco these days. Tenant lawyer Dave Crow is hear every week to answer your...

Tenant troubles: My building is for sale — what should I do?

I live in 24-unit building in the Western Addition, built long before 1979. It is three stories and all of the units are either...

Tenant Troubles: How do I fight an owner-move-in eviction?

Editor’s note: It’s hard to be a renter in San Francisco these days; some landlords are constantly looking for ways to squeeze out more...