Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Foreign Correspondent: Right-wing populism will make you sick

The world’s worst outbreaks are occurring in nations with authoritarian leaders, like Trump

Reflections on a phantom mall—and other local property follies

Former CurbedSF editor Brock Keeling on the future of the city, jaw-dropping real estate porn, and covering our wild and tragic local moment

Michelle E. Fillmore paints to connect—and manage pandemic emotions

The Oakland photorealist's work depicts mystery, transformation, and the identity crisis imposed by our moment.

Inside the COVID explosion at San Quentin

With 26 dead and at least a third of the population infected, why isn't medical parole part of the solution?

Screen Grabs: Cinema’s future in doubt, but these world classics endure

Movie theaters (drive-ins aside—who’d have imagined they’d get a comeback?) remain closed for the time being, their re-openings TBD in the Bay Area and many other parts of the...

Screen Grabs: Revisit the glitzy disaster of ‘Showgirls’

During a week in which a nation-shaking epidemic shutdown has managed to become a concern secondary to curfews, social chaos, and military-dictatorship-type responses to protests against police violence…which public...

Judge excoriates ICE, orders inmates released

After a dramatic hearing in which Federal Judge Vincent Chhabria sharply criticized ICE, the judge has issued an order requiring the federal agency to move rapidly to release inmates...

Slowing coronavirus spread in the jails

Among the most vulnerable communities in this pandemic is a group that is forcibly held in close quarters, with many members facing existing health problems and limited access to...

Screen Grabs: Get in the van!

This Friday, we’re already getting commercial releases of movies that premiered at Sundance just the other week. Two got a mixed reception there: Downhill was greeted as a fairly...

Screen Grabs: Battle of the giant Russian oligarchs

The big event this week is Friday’s return of Noir City, whose latest annual edition at the Castro we’ve previewed separately here. Among commercial openings this Friday, Guy Ritchie appears...