Stories about Public Advocate

The Agenda, 7/25/2016: Down to the wire for the November ballot

The battle from last week continues as supes face deadline for public advocate, police reform

Big wins for progressives at key board meeting

But Breed tries to undermine majority and sides with the mayor on a series of 6-5 votes

The Agenda, 7/18-7/24: Look for a wild supes meeting

Who will stand up to the cops? Who will stand up to the mayor? Who is for higher taxes on mansions? Key votes will put the members on record

SFPD is a toxic culture of old boys run by insiders who resist reform

Final report of outside investigators is devastating. What will it take to change the SFPD?

The Agenda, July 11-17: Why bad committee appointments matter …

... and the crazy period of budget approvals and deciding what goes on the November ballot

The Agenda, August 1-8: The attack on blue-collar jobs continues …

... as the feds ask: Are we building housing for international criminals?

The Agenda, May 23-29: Amateur hour in the Mayor’s Office …

... plus Due Process for All and the move toward a Public Advocate

SF Police Department is a total godawful mess, panel concludes

Blue-Ribbon group finds disaster everywhere, putting more pressure on embattled Chief Suhr

Does San Francisco need a Public Advocate?

It works in New York. Does SF need an independent oversight office to monitor corruption, bad deals, ineffective government -- and a new approach to sunshine?

Speculation tax leads ideas at Haight tenant convention

Sup Eric Mar listens at the Haight-Richmond tenant convention   By Tim Redmond The Park Branch library was so packed for the Haight-Richmond tenant convention that people...