Stories about Short-term rentals

The lessons of last fall’s Airbnb campaign

Julie Christensen sided with Airbnb and lost. Real coalitions have coat-tails

Airbnb suddenly drops $245,000 into local politics

Big donations to measures sponsored by Farrell, Cohen, and Lee and to DCCC candidates come days after a new bill is introduced to more tightly regulate the company

Who will oppose the new Airbnb measure?

Wiener, Breed, Lee will have to decide, in an election year, if they support enforcing the law or are still siding with Ron Conway's company

The Agenda, April 4-10: Changing the DCCC rules (again), the first Kim-Wiener debate ….

... and a big showdown on Sanctuary City, immigration, and law enforcement

Planning commissioners are dubious about affordable housing bonus plan

And yet, somehow, despite a long list of concerns, the panel seems ready to move this forward.

Ethics Commission tries to figure out nonprofit lobbying — and pushes steep Farrell fine

Supervisor refuses to pay $190K. Nonprofits worry about getting caught in corporate lobbying net

The Airbnb law is failing. Here’s how

Supes hearing shows that enforcement of the law is barely happening. Plus: Should SF taxpayers underwrite the Super Bowl party?

The Agenda, Jan. 11-17: Being nice to Airbnb, the Super Bowl …

... and a Charter amendment that could profoundly change SF politics

Planning Commission delays PDR displacement, rejects hotel conversion

Luxury condo plan in Potrero would shadow church windows ... as well as destroy 7,000 square feet of PDR space

The Agenda, Jan 4-11, 2016: Motorcyles and short-term rentals

Planning Commission hears a case of industrial displacement -- and a remarkable request to turn housing into legal hotel rooms