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Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Tagged with: Steinle

Screen Grabs: DocFest’s local focus includes Jeff Adachi, Hyphy, Aquarius Records

Our guide to the 21st bonanza. Plus: Castro Theatre's 100th birthday. a 'lesbian El Topo,' and the adult voyage of Bella Cherry

An embarrassment of injustice: Innocent man pleads guilty to crimes he didn’t commit to get out of long prison sentence

José Inez García Zárate was found not guilty of homicide by an SF jury and has spent seven years behind bars. Now he's facing conviction in federal court.

Chron rejects comments critical of Boudin editorial

Comments supporting the DA don't seem to violate the paper's standards; why were they blocked?

Garcia Zarate gets time served — but won’t go free

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the undocumented homeless man whose trial became a national issue, was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday in the death...

Famed lawyer Tony Serra to represent Garcia Zarate on federal gun charges

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was acquitted in the death of Kate Steinle, will be sentenced Friday morning for a minor gun possession charge,...

Our most-read stories of 2017

This was a truly unsettling year, from the election of Donald Trump and the resurgence of white supremacist movements to the sudden death of...

Growing chorus agrees Gascon bungled the Zarate case

Nobody’s surprised that the rightwingosphere has gone batshit over the Garcia Zarate verdict. We knew this would happen. From the first day of jury...

Why was Garcia Zarate charged with murder?

There’s only one conclusion I can reach from the outcome of the trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate: This case should never have been charged...

Prosecution portrays Garcia Zarate as sophisticated killer

The prosecution in the trail of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate offered closing arguments today, portraying the homeless immigrant as a sophisticated criminal who carefully...

Final arguments in the Garcia Zarate trial — and a night of comedy by an SF original

Closing arguments in the Jose Ines Garcia Zarate trial are set for Monday/20, and it’s likely that the case will go to the jury...