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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Tagged with: Summer of Love

The kid from Plainfield: Irving Penn retrospective captures him capturing us

De Young retrospective shows how the photographer built a time capsule of humanity in San Francisco and far beyond.

$20 million Music City aims to shoot SF back to the top of the charts

Rock impresario Rudy Colombini launches mega-studio, artist accelerator, and Hall of Fame for renewed glory days.

How Irving Penn brought the world to his studio—and vice versa

de Young retrospective teases out sheer range of the photographer's lens.

Unmasking a modern predator through dance in ‘The Soul Catcher’

Annika B. Lewis and Kassandra Production dissect a violent relationship at SF International Arts Fest

Tracing the peaks (and valleys) of Carol Doda’s topless legend

Documentary producer-directors Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker bring the bodacious queen of the Condor to life.

The Ethical Slut turns 80: A talk with poly fairy grandmother Dossie Easton

She co-wrote the book on living and loving openly. Here, she speaks to us about her decades of experience.

Broadcasting the Summer of Love—and so much more—live from San Francisco

A new book describes the history of the legendary KSAN, a radio station that promoted, and was part of, a cultural revolution.

Under the Stars: At 50, Kahil El’Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble brings mystic soul visions

Plus: Gu zhen techno in Chinatown, hot ESG doc, Beatles karaoke, more musical delights

Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison on reviving the live brilliance of ‘Remain in Light’

Guitarist tours group's groundbreaking 1980 album with fellow legend Adrian Belew, to recreate its 'radical ideas'

Why is the Chron so freaked out about Socialism?

Yes, neoliberal capitalism helped create the homelessness crisis. What are we even arguing about that?