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SF sends the white supremacists packing

Large rallies sent a clear message against hate -- and the alt-right folks folded

The Tom and Tim Show: From Don Rickles to Prop. 13 reform

We talk about the news of the week

The Agenda: Tasers, traffic, and cannabis

Sept. 11-17: The cops want stun guns, a developer wants more parking, and Sup. Cohen wants no more weed stores

The Agenda, May 15-21: Who can afford ‘affordable’ housing?

SF's radical income inequality ought to be a factor in discussing "middle class" housing

The battle for Midtown: A community housing struggle

A unique housing complex in the Western Addition faces a rent strike, a city takeover, and an uncertain future

The Agenda, Jan 2-9, 2018: Reforming the Democratic Party, organizing against Trump …

... and will we have a special election in 2017? We talk about the week(s) ahead

The Agenda, Dec. 28- Jan 3: New Year’s resolutions ….

... for everyone else. What we'd like to see in 2016.

Bringing the grizzly bear back to California

The bear is on our flag. Should it return to our state?

The Agenda, Nov. 23-Nov. 30: The problem with affordable housing bonuses …

... and a couple of key elections that are still underway By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 23, 2015 – There’s not a lot going on at City...

It’s cheaper to drive: A problem with regional transit

Taking a car costs less than taking three different transit systems from Oakland to SF. There's something very wrong here By Emily McPartlon DECEMBER 22, 2015...