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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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UncategorizedThe Tom and Tim show -- live, unedited, uncensored

The Tom and Tim show — live, unedited, uncensored

Tom Ammiano and Tim Redmond talk about the Gav for Guv campaign, PG&E, The Daily Show, Sylvester and more


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Politics are indeed local, witness how much time right wingers spend disrupting comments sections of local newspapers and websites. I for one am pleasantly surprised to find the T&T show. This should be on local radio and tv, but these days left commentary is confined to the net. Keep on, Tim and Tom! Love you guys; and f the trolls. I’m a D5 resident, that photo of Ed Lee with our supe London Breed creeps me out. All that Ron Conway money looks good on her, doesn’t it? I hope people come to see her for the Trojan Horse sellout she really is.

  2. Identity card politics gets people elected. That’s why it’s mentioned over and over. Look at it from Sam’s point of view. And it is USED especially here in SF all the time.

    While I looked at the Marcus Books link by Walnut Creek Whiner & I don’t agree with Sam’s assessment about MB’s btw, and I think Sam carries it too far. In fact, I loved MB. Very cool place.

    But that is the way things go in a market-based economy. MB should never have mortgaged that building to the hilt, but like so many others, they did, they used their property as an ATM and that’s what happens. Bad decision-making then one has to suffer consequences.

  3. Why do you lie? I was never banned from Mission Local and still sometimes post there now, although that site is largely ruined. Nor can I recall ever having had a comment deleted there. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

    You lie, lie and lie again.

    And yes, a race-based store is essentially prejudiced. A color-blind, post-racial guy like me has no use for such a thing.

  4. I guess that in your pathetic mind, a Chinese restaurant that focuses only on one Chinese cuisine and only hires Chinese workers is racist too.

    You sir are a racist pig. You know that Marcus Books never denied any customer, regardless of that customer’s race and yet you spew lies and hatred.

    It is no wonder that they banned you from Mission Local and had to delete many of your comments here.

  5. What he said that was that any store that focuses on and caters for only one race is prima facie racist.

    I see no problem with that conjecture. And evidently the people agree since theys topped shopping there, which is why it closed.

  6. Sorry for this further engagement with “Guest” Spam, but here is the comment he denies making: “That racist blacks-only book store in the Western Addition got away with that for years…” found at

    As anyone familiar with the store knows, there was no “blacks-only” policy.

    But this is the typical, distracting rhetoric of a race-baiter, and I feel dirty for having taken the bait.

  7. LOL, so a store only for whites is racist but a store on;y for blacks is just dandy?

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Russo.

    Your inability to cite is noted.

  8. Denying your own comments from the Mission Local blog now?

    I really resent arguing with such a clueless idiot–and I’m talking fucking blind stupid–but here goes:

    Similar to Kinokuniya’s Japanese bookstore a block away, Marcus books celebrated black culture. Is that racist? Not a whit. We all know the history of African-Americans. The store was an archive of that history and that artistic culture. And this here “white” bought a first-edition of Ellison’s “Invisible Man” there, and I didn’t even have to stand in a “whites only” line to pay for it.

    Yes, a whites-only bookstore would be racist. There were plenty of them under Jim Crow.

  9. Can you cite?

    That said, it was a store owned and run by blacks covering only black literature, so the categorization seems fair and balanced.

    If there were a bookstores featuring only books by and for whites, would that be cool with you? Would those who oppose it be racists?

  10. Wrong, Gary. Tom did mention the office held but said nothing about any specific achievements. It was more important to him to mention his race and sexual identity. AKA identity politics.

    And that is exactly what is wrong with this country. What matters should be your values, beliefs ad actions, and not that you are a “gay Hispanic”.

    Speaking of which, the biggest racist in SF is Campos.

  11. See, you did it again. First you tell a blatant lie and then you attempt to twist what you wrote into something else that is almost legitimate question. Throw bomb, act innocent, lash out at those who call you on your asshole-ism. That how much of your posting history reads.

    But as you are a racist and a right-wing nutcase, and not really interested in why Tom did this, I’m not going to bother to answer your question.

  12. Gary, why did Tom need to mention his race or sexual identity at all? If he is that good a candidate then it should only be necessary to speak of his achievements (which Tom did not) rather than cheap identity politics ascriptions (which Tom did).

    I call card playing.

  13. Good point, marcos, all comments should be first subjected to you for validation as being politically correct before they dare be aired to a world that clearly cannot think for itself.

    The party line must be adhered to at all times, else society will collapse.

  14. In case anyone skips listening to this, please note that Guest/Sam’s post that states that “Tom thinks that the being a “gay latino” is the main reason to vote for a governor” is a lie, typical of the bullshit that right-wing nutcases like him resort to when they can’t debate on the issues. Tom did mention that yes Perez is a gay Latino, but the point he was making is that we need more candidates for governor to choose from and also, Perez was Speaker of the House, something that Guest/Sam chose to omit.

    Guest/Sam frequently posts and his first post on any topic uses provocative rhetoric. When being called-out on for doing so, he will respond with a ‘I mean well but I am not understood’ post or he will find a minor thread barely related to the topic to rant about. And when he is again called out with harsh language, he will respond with something about being ‘civil.’

    Several of his posts have been deleted and he still refers to non-whites as ‘colored people.’

    Don’t indulge him.

  15. I got as far as learning that Tom thinks that the being a “gay latino” is the main reason to vote for a governor, and that he believes that PG&E are like Nazi’s.

    I quit at that point.

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