Breed’s lead grows, but not by much

This latest survey adds just 21 votes to her lead with 17,000 still to count

With 17,000 ballots to go, London Breed leads in the mayor’s race by 1,601 votes – only a handful more than she had yesterday.

That means the votes delivered late – the ballots that were cast at City Hall on Election Day or delivered to polling places or postmarked by June 5 – are slightly more positive for Mark Leno than the previous few days’ returns.

Breed gained only 21 votes in this round

In fact, Jane Kim again picked up more votes than Leno, but not as many as Breed. The Kim second-place votes are what’s keeping this election close.

Still, Leno and Kim would have to do exceptionally well – better than they did on Election Day – with the remaining ballots if there’s any chance of Leno closing that gap.

From DOE:

The Department continues to review more than 17,000 ballots for processing.  This total includes approximately 3,000 vote-by-mail ballots and an estimated 14,000 provisional ballots.  

The Department must still process approximately 3,000 vote-by-mail ballots with valid postmarks received from the post office before Friday, June 8.  Additionally, the Department must re-tabulate any cards that required manual review after initial processing of vote-by-mail ballots.