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Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Arts + CultureCultureOakland skate-drag monthly Rollin' With The Homos wheel steal...

Oakland skate-drag monthly Rollin’ With The Homos wheel steal your heart

Check these sweet shots of Nicki Jizz and Mama Celeste's pandemic-born al fresco cabaret.

There’s a worldwide pandemic involving an airborne virus a’ragin’, you’re a drag performer, you need exercise, and clubs are not an option—what’s a queen to do? For Bay Area artist-promoters Nicki Jizz (Reparations) and Mama Celeste (Oaklash), the answer was clear: get one’s life on roller skates.

The pair were doing just that on outdoor rinks when they realized that drag queens on skates could be a hoot for a tipping public as well. Fast-forward, and that brainchild has grown into Rollin’ With The Homos, a beloved monthly queer event for whose performers, says Jizz in this darling documentary by SF State students Kaz Mendoza Rodriguez and Nathan Zavala, “the only criteria, really, is to have wheels involved. Gotta keep it rollin’.”

Photographer Lucas Thornton headed to Rollin’s Pride edition on June 26, and did some vibe-capturing. You’ve got a chance to catch the be-wheeled magic for yourself this weekend, roll up.

ROLLIN’ WITH THE HOMOS Fourth Sundays (next event: Sun/28), 4-8pm, $7 suggested donation. Oakland Township Commons. For more info go here.

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