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City College Board hires chancellor despite faculty outrage

Board votes 6-1 to hire a candidate who has a very mixed record; faculty and classified staff split over decision

City College teachers ‘shocked’ and ‘aghast’ at choice for chancellor

Trustees set to vote for Mark Rocha, who comes with a very mixed record

Free City College passes 9-1 — will Mayor Ed Lee defy the board and the voters?

There's money for this. There's massive support. What's up with the mayor?

Startling conclusion to City College trial as ACCJC lawyers say the accreditors can freely operate outside the law

By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 10, 2014 – The two sides in the City College trial presented final arguments yesterday – and while most of the...

As trial closes, a Big Lie about City College finances

By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 3, 2014 – So many stories, so little time, so in the middle of a heated election I missed the last...

City College trial opens with dramatic admission

By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 27, 2014 – The City College accreditation trial got off to a dramatic start today with state Community College Chancellor Brice...

Another problem with the accreditors’ plan for City College

By Tim Redmond Suppose City College went along with the (looney) idea of applying for accreditation as a new institution, as the heads of the...

City College funding bill challenges state commission that wants to shut school down

  Sen. Mark Leno announces his bill with Trustees Anita Grier and Rafael Mandelman, Mayor Ed Lee and Chancellor Arthur Tyler looking on. Photo by...