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Old school Chinatown funk? 50 years of Jest Jammin’ with Rev. Norman Fong

From the turbulent, racist '60s to next week's Chinatown CDC fundraiser, the band keeps the Motown hits coming.

Is everyone at City Hall incompetent?

Or is the private sector -- and clear policy positions -- at the root of our homeless crisis?

BREAKING: SFPD pulling out of controversial Joint Terrorism Task Force with FBI

The San Francisco Police Department announced on Wednesday that it will be pulling out of the Joint Action Task Force, a controversial co-operation with...

Sup. Ahsha Safaí introduces resolution against Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban 

"Here in San Francisco we stand united and we won't back down."

“I hope I can be re-united with my brother” — Iranian American awaits

It's hard to find out who is being detained and for how long

Trump orders to strip federal dollars for sanctuary cities; is SF up for the fight?

Immigrant-rights lawyers talk about what this city needs to do

Watching the SFPD and FBI in the Trump Era

Civil liberties groups say the city is failing to live up to local rules on cooperation with the feds anti-terrorism task force

Lawsuit against Burma Superstar: “Think of the life of people who make your food”

Restaurant chain workers allege overtime, pay, and other labor code violations
San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

A heated battle over tasers in San Francisco

Discussion at criminal justice summit highlights policy issue; doc film on tasers slated for May 31

Sharing economy execs sued for cheating nanny out of wages

Sexual harassment charges also part of lawsuit against senior employees of Airbnb and Uber, which encourage lawbreaking as the essence of their business model By...