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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Tagged with: Asian Law Caucus

The next billionaire target: SF judges

More than $150,000 in Big Tech and real estate money pours into right-wing effort to oust incumbent judge

Ceasefire now: Violence and oppression in the Middle East must end

Bombing and displacement must be halted. All people in the region must live freely. Collective punishment is no path to peace

And yet we signed: Behind the letter to the president of Nicaragua

Hundreds who spent the 1980s doing Sandinista solidarity work are now condemning Daniel Ortega's new wave of political repression. Here's why.

When bosses lie, workers die

More and more data shows that COVID transmission is happening not just at gatherings but at worksites.

Old school Chinatown funk? 50 years of Jest Jammin’ with Rev. Norman Fong

ALL EARS If you’re not nostalgic for Chinatown nightlife circa 1970, it’s probably because you don’t know about it. Despite the passing of civil rights...

Is everyone at City Hall incompetent?

I will stipulate that the BART Station at 16thStreet is dirty. But it seems a bit of a stretch to say that because of...

BREAKING: SFPD pulling out of controversial Joint Terrorism Task Force with FBI

The San Francisco Police Department announced on Wednesday that it will be pulling out of the Joint Action Task Force, a controversial co-operation with...

Sup. Ahsha Safaí introduces resolution against Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban 

District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai announced his intention to introduce a resolution opposing President Trump's Muslim ban at Tuesday's board meeting. Safai's resolution is backed by Mayor...

“I hope I can be re-united with my brother” — Iranian American awaits

Koosha Seyvani and his mother have been waiting for Hussain Seyvani since the early hours this morning. Hussain, who is Iranian, landed in San...

Trump orders to strip federal dollars for sanctuary cities; is SF up for the fight?

 On Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's officers visited a home in San Francisco’s Mission allegedly looking for a "sex offender" sought for deportation. This came a...